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The publication of scientific articles is an important task for Doctoral and postgraduate students who are preparing to defend their dissertations. They are also actively engaged in scientific activities. According to the requirements (they may differ from one university to another), the applicant will not be admitted to defense if they have less than 3 publications (for Doctoral dissertations – at least 20). In addition, one article (for Doctoral work – 3) must be published in a foreign edition. Is this task possible to be completed on your own? Hardly. The best solution would be to order academic articles online.

What Can You Offer Me?

The list of services provided by academic articles online service includes:

  • publication of articles in journals;
  • foreign publications;
  • publication in the journals Scopus and WoS.

We offer our experience and qualifications in exchange for your trust. One of the most important indicators of our work is your success. You can also order the writing of all types of work for graduate students and Doctoral students from us.

Why Buy Academic Articles?

Academic articles are a summary of the results of scientific research. Their publication allows the scientific community to demonstrate its own position, developments, and prospects.For future holders of a candidate or doctor of science degree, posting articles in specialized sources is a prerequisite for admission to defense. The number of required publications can reach up to 10 pieces.Requirements in Scopus and WOS journals are significantly different and more complicated. The reason for the refusal to publish may be not only shortcomings in the content but also the incorrect compilation of bibliographic lists identifying the data.Therefore, dealing with academic articles online service will greatly increase your chances for success.

What Publications Can I Order Here?

The most rational option for you would be to order the writing of academic articles online. This includes related services:

  • Correction of the text;
  • Check for plagiarism;
  • Increasing uniqueness;
  • Registration;
  • Checking for compliance with citation and indexing rules;
  • Selection of optimal sources for publication.

The terms of writing vary from several weeks to several months and, for reasons beyond the control of the author, can be up to six months. With us, fast writing becomes a reality, which is especially important in the face of time pressure.

Guarantees on Academic Articles Help

In the academic articles online writing company, you can order the service of preparing a scientific article on a turnkey basis, including its writing, design, and publication. We provide a warranty for all work performed. It implies that over the particular period (indicated in your contract), after receiving the finished result, the revisions and edits are carried out free of charge.All custom-made academic articles online, including urgently prepared ones, always meet the following criteria:

  • Innovation, an interesting concept, author’s conclusions, usefulness, and scientific significance;
  • Absolute literacy, accuracy, and concreteness of factual data, lack of ambiguity;
  • Moderate inclusion of technical terminology;
  • High uniqueness, plagiarism check in several systems;
  • Correct design in accordance with the requirements of a specific journal and a specific scientometric base;
  • Thorough article content writing check by our QAD.

Get Advantage of Working with PROs

It is important to take into account that there is a certain queue in the scientific journals and other databases of indexed articles. Therefore, the option to buy ready-made formatted academic articles online greatly simplifies and speeds up the procedure.The company cooperates with many publications directly, without intermediaries, which allows you to adapt to certain release schedules and to look for the best options for publications.

We Will Guide You Until the Very Publication

The execution of the service implies that we will not only send the finished result of the article but also confirm the work done by providing an identifying publication number.Considering that familiarization with the information, whether or not a scientific article is indexed in databases such as Scopus, is paid and costs a lot of money, we have access to sources and will help you find your article among the indexed materials.

Who Will Do My Task?

All orders for graduate students and Doctoral students are carried out by doctors and candidates of sciences. This allows you to create articles of the highest quality in a professional language, taking into account all the subtleties and specifics of the subject. The team has about three thousand successful publications.

How to Place an Order?

  1. To place an order, you can use the online application form and agree on all the key conditions over a convenient chat. A cooperation agreement is always drawn up, which is sent to your email.
  2. A differentiated payment system and a flexible system of discounts are provided. Advance payment is made at the stage of order approval, and the remaining cost is transferred after receiving data on the readiness of a scientific article. The result is sent to the email specified by the customer.
  3. The cost depends on how urgently the publication is needed, what is the format of the article, and the source of the publication. It is important to bear in mind that a number of journals offer free placement, but most sources, especially foreign ones, provide several payment options.
  4. Funds can be transferred in any convenient way.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality to our clients. Your authorship will be solely and cannot be disputed. All information about the customer and order is stored on secure servers. Preparatory work for publication is carried out with full responsibility.Fill out your application now! Don’t miss a chance to get academic articles online ASAP!

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