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Are you stressed because of your endless assignments? More often than not, you will have a pile of academic assignments to complete, exams to read for, classes to attend, and still, want to be involved in fun activities in school. Also, due to all these academic stresses, you will want to take a break. Unfortunately, you will not have the time to complete your argumentative paper because of all these responsibilities. Besides, most students do not have an idea of the kind of assignments that they’re normally expected to handle. Have you ever been instructed to write an argumentative term paper before? If you haven’t, then you need to be aware of what is expected of you. If you need professional help writing this kind of paper, then you need a competent service to do exactly that for you. Otherwise, hiring just any company could affect your grades. Our service gives you the best shot at getting a quality paper. We handle even the most complex argumentative term papers for students all over the world and have been continuously doing so for a decade. Besides, our service has created a guideline to show you how to craft an argumentative paper. Still, you can contact us today for reliable assistance.

What Is an Argumentative Term Paper? – The Definition

Of course, before you start writing this kind of paper, the first thing that you normally ask yourself is, “what is an argumentative term paper, and how is it written?” This type of paper has the objective of presenting evidence to back a concept. For instance, you could want to write a term paper arguing that weed should be made legal. You would perform research to explore the benefits of legalizing weed in American states. Since several states have already legalized it, you can draw evidence from the benefits that these states experience as a result of legalizing weed. Even if you will take a side on the matter, it is also important to recognize the opposing side. The most important thing to note about this type of essay is that all the presented information is backed by evidence and facts. This guide further discusses the steps that you have to follow while coming up with this type of essay

Steps on How to Write an Argumentative Term Paper

To know how to write an argumentative term paper, you need to follow various steps.

  • Step 1 – Select a Topic

Choose a topic that is suitable for an argumentative term paper. The topic has to be strongly argued against or for. Let the topic be interesting, and one that you have a viewpoint on.

  • Step 2 – Research

Make use of materials such as books, academic and scientific journals, the internet, magazines, newspapers, etc. to collect information on the topic. Always use the most current research.

  • Step 3 – Create a Draft/ Outline

A well-written draft should guide you and make the writing process easier. It should contain an introduction, which comprises a hook sentence and a thesis. Describe things such as why the topic is significant, how it affects you, and how it can be addressed. The thesis states which side you take on the matter.

After the introduction, write the body. It will include various supporting paragraphs and a counterargument. In the supporting paragraphs, demonstrate the arguments that back your thesis statement. You can use statistics, facts, etc. In the counterargument, you present the opposing view. Finally, your conclusion should summarise the key points.

  • Step 4 – Writing

It’s now time to get to the crafting process. Your outline will make it easier to complete the paper.

  • Step 5 – Proofreading and Editing

Go through the paper, and ensure that it contains no plagiarism, has been properly written, and formatted.

Sample Topics for Argumentative Term Paper

Sometimes, your professor will give you specific topics for argumentative term paper to write on. Sometimes, they won’t. If you have the freedom to choose a topic for yourself, then good for you! You have the freedom to develop your own idea. Still, it is important to think this through. You have to identify a topic that is not only relevant but also interesting and contains adequate research material, whether in textbooks, online, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. An argumentative term paper example should give you an idea of how to create your own essay. Sample topics ideas include:

  • Why is obesity in the United States a rising concern?
  • Should we limit internet access to students?
  • Should joining the military be compulsory?
  • Are academics necessary to succeed in life?
  • Is weight loss a result of dieting or exercising?
  • Should smoking in public be banned?
  • Should alcohol intake be limited?

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