College Admission Essay

How to Ace College Admission Essay?

The college application process is stressful and exhausting. Besides having to complete your FAFSA, ask school teachers for a letter of recommendation, and filling out a Common App, you also have to write a college admission essay. A college admission essay is a short composition (in the US, you will be given six templates to follow), where you will have to reveal your personal traits, transferable skills, educational goals, and career aspirations. Many students, when trying to figure out the college tuition costs and where to get any financial aid, writing a college admission essay usually recedes into the background. But don’t underestimate the importance of your personal statement! A strong admissions essay can help you:

  • Present yourself as a competent student.
  • Beat the competition.
  • Live up to the college application requirements.
  • Prove that you are a better candidate than other students.
  • Win the professors’ disposition.

So let’s see what you should and shouldn’t do in your college admission essay.

College Admission Essay Do’s

Any tips on how to write my college admission essay for beginners? Check out some of the best tips that will help you get through the college application process without a hitch.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Childhood has officially ended the moment you got your high school certificate! Now it’s time to be an adult, responsible and hardworking. The first trial of living as an adult is to pluck up all your skills and talents to write a really amazing college admission essay. Without it, your application package isn’t complete. So get out of your comfort zone, make some coffee, and learn how to write an admissions essay.

Focus on YOU

So why do I even need to write my college admission essay? A personal statement is a wonderful opportunity to reveal yourself in a favorable light before the college admissions committee. Let them see you’re a great human being, knowledgeable and eager to grind away at your books. Remember that in 2021 US colleges will be admitting students who have proven transferable skills and are open to an intercultural experience. So college admission essay help is much appreciated in terms of showing all the professors that you’re a kind, attentive, caring, and open-minded student. School grades won’t matter if a person is bitter-ended and grumpy, to say the least.

Learn Requirements by Heart if Necessary

In the US, application essay templates have a specific structure and formatting. Make sure you understand what’s required in the assignment and know how to meet them. So where should I start to write my college admission essay? Brainstorm how to dwell on the given topic in the best way possible. Consult samples online, if needed, to get it crystal clear how to write your admissions assessment. Get to know the topic and requirements the best you can before you get down to work.

Keep Your Tone Positive

Becoming a college student is an adventure. And adventures are supposed to be fun and thrilling! Stop being nervous and embrace the fact that you’re about to leave your home for an experience of a lifetime. New people, new knowledge, new skills, new opportunities in life – if that doesn’t lift your spirit, then it better should! Positivity is key, which is a reputation that you will carry on with you right until graduation.

Don’t Overcomplicate

Short sentences, simple passages, structured paragraphs, clear message, no milk-and-water – these are the keys to a well-written college admission essay. If your message is blank and sentences are incoherent, then the committee members won’t appreciate your essay at all. On the contrary, they will admit some other applicant who has a better written personal statement. A well-written college admission essay is:

  • Clear and concise.
  • Grammatically and stylistically correct.
  • Edited and proofread in and out.
  • Flowing perfectly when you read it.
  • Showcasing your strong points as a student.
  • Clearly showing that you’re a decent human being.
  • Positive and cheerful.

A college application essay that following these tips is an application essay done right!

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College Admission Essay Don’ts

Is there anything I shouldn’t write my college admission essay about? There are things you should never do when writing a college admission essay.

Flattery, bragging, arrogance

Being honest and cheerful is what will make your personal statement stand out. Never brag, especially if you can’t put your mouth where the money is. Flattery is also proven to not work when trying to get on the side of college admission committee members. Imagine that thousands of students are filling out their Common Application and writing admissions essays. How to stand out in this crown of applications? The answer is – only with the help of honesty, cheerfulness, and positivity. Speaking of which…


Even if your credentials and letters of recommendation are on point, they won’t accept a student full of negativity and foul thoughts. In 2021, that’s too risky, especially when there are a dozen other applications with a more positive world-view.

Sloppy proofreading

Mistakes are unacceptable in a college admission essay. Use Grammarly, proofread the text a hundred times, give someone else to read your writing – the main idea that there has to be not a single typo in your personal statement for college.


In college, plagiarism isn’t tolerated. The concept of academic integrity condemns plagiarism, that’s why each time there’s a desire to copy-paste stuff from the internet, think twice and reconsider your options. If writing a personal statement just doesn’t work out for you, opt-in for a custom paper writing service on our website. It will save your time, actually do the job, and shield you from plagiarism, which is unacceptable in college.

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