What’s DNP Nursing?

It is a degree of doctorate that trains the people practicing nursing for different roles. The training students receive is not like the coaching of a physician, but it’s certainly valuable for optimal patient care. The degree is suitable for the nurses’ ambitious to serve as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) after graduation. If a student becomes an APRN after DNP nursing, he/she becomes a doctorate in practice.

What Is a DNP in Nursing and What Does It Entail?

The literal connotation of the term is the Doctorate of Nursing Practice. The program is suitable for individuals who want to become leaders in their field. Studies inculcate the best nursing expertise in the students and while serving as doctors, they can either work in some clinical setting or take a leadership position. The knowledge obtained through DNP nursing education can be used to give direct care to the patients and also to influence healthcare policies and their implementation.

Roles the Online DNP Programs in Nursing Prepare You for

If you are a nurse interested in doing DNP, be informed that the program will prepare you for two kinds of settings. It’s your choice, whichever setting you want to choose. They include:

  • Administration and supervision.
  • APRN directly taking care of the patients.

Students that choose the administrative role after completing your online DNP programs in nursing can strengthen the roles of executive nurse leadership and yield scientific findings to impact the outcomes of health care directly. They do extensive research to develop cost-effective and sustainable programs for innovative care. DNPs assume these positions in the workplace:

  • Institutional management.
  • Development of health informatics systems and policies.
  • Management of nurses.

On the other hand, graduates of nursing DNP who become APRNs offer patient care directly in multiple ways, including the evaluation and management of care. They qualify for the certification exam of APRN and may as well have to become certified in an advanced specialty. DNPs directly giving care to the patients assume these positions in the workplace:

  • Practitioners.
  • Midwives.
  • Anesthetists.

Difference Between the Doctorate in Philosophy and Nursing Practice

Many people tend to think of DNP in nursing as a Ph.D. – even though the two degrees are doctoral, they are different from each other. Both are advanced and terminal degrees, and the students who complete these degrees can take the roles of nurse practitioners. Someone who wants to become a nurse practitioner after getting a Ph.D. degree has to get a certificate of post-graduation.

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