Ethics Code’s ethics code is a representation of our core values and the mission statement - foster academic integrity and consolidate plagiarism-free paper writing. From writers to customer support managers, from QAD specialists to C-level executives, everyone in our company fully supports honest academic conduct, and neither supports nor promotes cheating.

Our core values is a lawful, legitimate provider of custom essays and research papers that aim to help students learn practical hints on how to cope with a certain type of homework. Our papers are NOT meant to be submitted by students! Our clients write their own papers.
No cheating
In regards to cheating, our honor code is strict yet simple - absolutely no cheating! Cheating is against our rules.
No plagiarism respects the intellectual property of other people. That’s why our writers do all the papers from scratch.
No imitation
Impersonating or imitating your writing style or persona isn’t a part of our service. We’re not hiding, and neither should you!
No scam
As an honest and legitimate service, delivers the promised paper service in return for an offered fee.

Our message

Message to students

Please be aware that it’s illegal to cheat in college. If a teacher finds out that you’ve been cheating, you could be penalized or even dropped out! So it’s imperative for all aspiring students to mind their p’s and q’s in terms of cheating attempts.

In addition, always remember that instead of copy-and-pasting essays from the internet and rewriting them, you can simply write your own essay from the ground up, which will - surprise! - take you an equal amount of time and effort.

In case you need consistent and academically acceptable help with writing your own essays, will be more than pleased to give you a hand!

This is what we do

Conscientious education is’s all-out priority.
  • Provide a student with an overall idea or concept of a researched topic;
  • Make task requirements clear and provide a sample of how to meet such requirements in practice;
  • Share best practices in terms of finding optimal ways to manage a certain type of paper;
  • Show how to make proper notes;
  • Offer guidance on how to cope with a particular assignment or task;
  • Devise a suitable paper outline or a writing plan for a student to follow individually;
  • Help work out a plan for the student’s further topic research;
  • Work on vocabulary, research methods, and literature required to cope with a given task;
  • Consolidate topic knowledge and fill in the blanks regarding a topic under discussion;
  • Supply reference sources required to conduct topic research.

This is what we NEVER do!

Finalizing homework on behalf of a student on a turn-key basis
Impersonating the student’s identity
Giving students means to introduce our sample papers as works of their own
Providing ready-made examination, test, or lab work results
Ghostwriting texts related to Health & Medical Science

Academic integrity abuse form

Please report any violation of academic integrity and honest college conduct by someone connected to our service.


Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions about our writing services.
  • Is legit?
    Yes, is a safe and reliable service. We’ve been assisting students from all over the globe with their assignments for over 10 years, and our business is registered in the U.S. We in no way support cheating or any unlawful activities and provide all material solely for reference purposes. The legitimacy of our service can be confirmed by high ratings and hundreds of reviews from happy customers.
  • Do you deal with urgent orders?
    Well, it depends on the complexity of your task and word count. For example, our experts can deal with a 1-page essay within just 1 hour. But if it's a 6-page research paper, they'll need at least 6 hours to do the job up to standards.
    Please mind that the closer your deadline is, the higher your bill will be. If you want to pay the lowest price, we recommend you to hire experts in advance (i.e., 15-20 days before the deadline).
  • What payment options do you offer?
    We work on a pre-paid basis and accept debit and credit cards (VISA, Discover, MasterCard, and more). To process your payment, we utilize secure payment providers like G2S and SafeCharge that have been handling payments for complex businesses for over a decade. Please note that we don’t offer payment via bank transfer or invoice.
  • Do you guarantee grade improvement?
    No, we don’t guarantee grade improvement because that’s a somewhat subjective issue. Nobody can predict the grade as it depends on the professor's opinion and your performance in class. But what we do guarantee is that your final copy will meet the professor's requirements and quality standards.
  • Do you help international students?
    Yes, we have a strong record of helping both domestic and international students handle their assignments. In fact, 35% of our customers are international students studying in high schools, colleges, and universities.
    If you'd like the expert to copy your style, just send them an example of your work through live chat in your customer area or upload it while placing your order.
  • What if I’m not satisfied?
    If the assigned expert fails to meet your expectations, they will improve the copy for free within 14 - 30 days, depending on its size and complexity. If improvements don’t work or you don’t have time for that, we'll return your money.