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Depending on the objective of the paper, an opinion essay could be written in any length. The length varies widely from a brief letter to one’s boss to a medium length speech or an extensive research paper. That being said, each piece of the essay should include some fundamental elements and steps.

What Is an Opinion Essay? Definition of This Form of Writing to Clueless Students

It is not uncommon to come across the question, “What is an opinion essay?” asked by numerous clueless students. This article aims to clearly define this form of writing to students who don’t understand this kind of essays. Another aim of this article is to give elaborate explanations to students on how to write impeccable and compelling opinion essays.

Opinion writing, essentially, is a form of essay writing that takes the formal approach. This kind of essay writing requires the writer to offer a strong opinion on an issue. The writer should state the opinion with clarity while giving adequate supporting evidence. The writer should cover all the various vantage points they hold on a given issue.

This includes even opposing perspectives. To completely understand what opinion essays are, students are advised to read some opinion essay examples as they prepare to write their own.

The process on how to write a opinion essay is outlined below:


Before beginning the essay writing process, the writer should first gather adequate evidence and information so as to support their opinion. It is imperative to ensure that the evidence and information gathered matches the writer’s perspective. While in the process of brainstorming and researching for arguments, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What questions I’m I looking to respond to in this paper?
  • What are would be considered knowledgeable to my audience?
  • Do any researched points show inconsistency or contradiction?
  • What are the ways that I can advance my arguments?


An opinion paper has to conform to the general structure of the introductory part, body section, and the conclusion section. In the introduction section, the writer needs to present the paper’s subject and then proceed to state their opinion elaborately.

Step 1: Writing the introductory section

The introductory section also has to include a thesis.

Some of the most effective techniques for beginning an essay include:

  • Directly addressing the audience;
  • Including a hooking quotation or sentence from some published literature;
  • Asking rhetorical questions.

Step 2: Writing the body section

In writing the essay’s body section, the writer needs to provide verifiable evidence to support all their claims in the thesis statement. In this section, writers are required to write a number of paragraphs that present separate perspectives. Paragraphs should be begun using topic sentences- central ideas that will be backed up with plausible and well-researched arguments.

Step 3: Writing the Conclusion Section

In the essay conclusion section, the writer should construct a paragraph that restates their opinion without regurgitating or repeating exactly what they wrote in the body. Here, writers should avoid presenting any other new perspective or idea on the subject. To make the paper more memorable and compelling, they can end it with a suggestion or a question that provokes the audience to think.

Step 4: The editing and proofreading process

After completing the actual writing, the writer should evaluate various aspects of their work just to ensure that the paper is impeccable and flawless. The grammar, vocabulary, capitalization, and spelling should be checked to ensure that it is impeccable.

How to Get Help Writing an Opinion Essay

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Examples of Opinion Essay Topics Frequently Requested by Students

There are countless opinion essay topics that students have asked our writers to help them with, in the past. These topics include:

  • What is your opinion on parents being effective teachers?
  • Should the formal education system be overhauled?
  • What’s your perspective on the contention that an individual’s pay is the most crucial thing about their job?
  • Between life in a large city and in a rural setting, what’s your preference?

How to Select Appropriate Opinion Topics

Selecting the best opinion topics for essays can be easy when students know the basic of selecting the topics. One of the most crucial tips to remember when selecting a topic for an opinion paper is deciding whether the essay helper agrees or does not agree with the subject. On the other hand, if students are not ready to go through all the hassle of writing these essays by themselves, they can always request our writers to help them.

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