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Writing a philosophy essay is an essential component of studying philosophy. A student must ensure that they understand the assignment and look out for prompts such as “evaluate,” “outline” or “compare.” Many questions in philosophy might challenge you to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject via an exposition of theories and arguments. Others might also evaluate your ability in assessing these theories and arguments through analytical writing.

Many students usually feel frightened whenever they are given a philosophical question to answer. Most believe that philosophy requires much intelligence to succeed. This conception is usually false. All you need to do is exercise patience and painstakingly evaluate your thoughts about the specific question. Usually, there is no definite answer in philosophy. Most questions are often open-ended and are subject to a variety of interpretations.

What Is Philosophy Essay Writing?

Many students commonly wonder, “what is philosophy essay?” A philosophy essay is a type of paper that aims to achieve the following:

  • Understanding philosophical questions and the arguments, concepts as well as theories used by philosophers in addressing them.
  • Think deeply about philosophical theories and arguments
  • Develop answers to philosophical questions.

How to Wrote the Best Paper in a Nutshell

Sometimes you might not be aware of how to start a philosophy essay. Before you begin a paper, you need to have a proper understanding of your course texts and the recommended readings. Slowly go through the information and keep a good focus. Ask yourself which philosophical questions the author is addressing, what the main concepts within the texts mean and the theories that the author proposes.

  • Organize your ideas logically

Make short notes as you go through the material. After that, arrange your ideas for the paper in a logical order. The reason is that philosophical papers flow through a sequence of logical arguments. Creating an outline consisting of points that make up your philosophy essay structure is advisable. Your outline allows you to spot issues within your argument easily.

  • Develop your thesis

Many assignments normally require students to present an elaborate thesis statement that summarizes the writer’s position on the topic. Your introduction needs to offer a roadmap highlighting each of the important stages of your essay.

  • Painstakingly evaluate a theory

While studying theory in philosophy, you need to think about both its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, is a certain theory of art comprehensive? I.e., Does it apply to all types or a certain genre? Is it logical in its consistency or does it have some contradictions?

Other important factors to consider are the strengths within a philosopher’s theory, the argument presented to support the theory and those that were omitted as well as the probable shortcomings of the arguments. You can also analyze how the philosopher replies or even reply to the criticism yourself.

  • Develop your answers to the questions

Do not just be comfortable with understanding theories in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Strive to think critically on your account. Present your answer giving reasons, addressing any contentions and giving critical evaluations of alternative approaches. Your answer can be an existing theory or a combination of various theories. Remember to use the philosophy essay format recommended by your instructor.

How to Come up with Suitable Philosophy Essay Topics

In case you want to write a personal philosophy essay, you must evaluate your knowledge about the subject or issue. For general philosophical papers, thorough research is necessary.  Therefore, determine how easy it is to find credible resources to assist in writing the paper. The following are some general philosophy essay topics:

  • Economic justice;
  • The social contract;
  • Shortcomings of democracy.

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