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There are countless uses of PowerPoint such as exhibiting statistical information, communicating ideas in conferences, multimedia or video presentation, or showing events during a history lesson. The software allows the user to make dynamic and informational slides through the use of graphics, texts, and animation. For the best professional powerpoint presentation, you need to check out the best buy powerpoint presentation products to see the one with the best reviews. You will find the best product with a good bargain for the price and has all the programs that are easy to use. Knowing how to make a powerpoint presentation is vital as it aids in better relaying of information. You also save time as you don’t have to handicraft displays for your audience.

How to Create a Powerpoint Presentation and Powerpoint Presentation Tips by Ewriters

Learn how to create a powerpoint presentation by following the steps below.

  • First open the PowerPoint template page by double-clicking the PowerPoint app icon. The icon has an orange box with a white ‘P.’
  • Check for available templates on the templates page, here you will see several fonts, color schemes, and the general appearance. You can click on the one you want
  • Choose a theme. You will find different color themes, and you can click on your most desired color
  • On the bottom right corner of your window, click ‘create’ to automatically select your template and create one.

As a speaker, when making a presentation using PowerPoint, you need to ensure that the presentations fall on the background to support you and the message getting delivered. Always remember that your audience notices things like ugly pictures, bad designs, and broken lines as they will still stand out. Your credibility as a professional speaker gets determined by how best you portray your knowledge of PowerPoint. Knowing how to use it can help you achieve all your presentation goals and enable you to put across your message effectively.

To deliver an excellent presentation, you need to practice it to perfection. You have to rehearse and ensure that all the points get to your audience at the right time. Your presentation has to be error-free, the vector pictures have to be clear, and you should also avoid unnecessary flashing. You also need to research thoroughly, plan, and prepare it professionally. Also, you need to deliver it with confidence, full energy, and communication warmth. If you are struggling with making a killer presentation, implementing the following tricks can help you stand out from the rest. Here are some of the powerpoint presentation tips that we compiled for you by ewriters.

  • Include essential information only. Avoid using too many words on the screen, and you can opt for critical phrases
  • To improve the readability of text, use contrasting colors for the background and text (you can use light text on a dark background)
  • Avoid the use of too much sound and animation, as too much use of special effect can negatively impact your credibility
  • Practice moving back and forth within your presentation. You never know when the audience will ask to see the preceding screen
  • Compliment your message with high-quality images, this attracts the audience attention, and the photos make the presentation memorable
  • Never show your back when making your presentation (speaking to the slides) let your audience see the screen
  • Do not readout for the audience, content on the slides is for the audience, not you
  • Give your work to someone who has never seen your presentation before, and someone who can give an honest opinion
  • Lastly, to speed up your performance, use a hard disk to run your presentation instead of a floppy disk, the latter slows it


Preparing a presentation for your audience can get hectic, especially if you don’t get the requirements. You need to get it right so that you can deliver quality information for your audience. When you implement the above mentioned tips and guidelines, you will realize how powerful and educative your content gets. You will no longer spend endless hours jotting down ideas and drawing images. Practice everything discussed, and you will love the results.


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