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Most times, your lecturer assigns you review article tasks which include, research articles, journal articles, news articles, law articles, or literature articles. As a student, you might be experiencing different challenges which affect the way you handle such assignments. Reasons such as being too busy with a part-time job to support your studies, feeling lazy, or having other schoolwork to attend to can be a setback. Also, not knowing to write well in cases whereby English is not your first language can be a hindrance.

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What is a Review Article? How to Write an Article Review and Useful Tips on Writing a Review Article

The ‘what is a review article’ question comes to your mind when your tutor instructs you to write one. You begin asking yourself what it means and how you should write one. An article review surveys and gives a synopsis of prior published studies. Its primary purpose is to summarize the present state of understanding on a topic. You need to evaluate professional articles to help individuals understand a topic without them having to read an entire book or a journal. When writing a review article, dedicating ample time to research and looking for relevant materials for study gets recommended. Working on such a project is essential as it helps you improve your grammar and enables you to implement conscience writing. Your writing allows the author to enhance their works because you provide new ideas and criticism. You get to clarify questions and enable the author to respond to people’s perspectives and ideas raised on the subject matter.

When writing an article review, you have to follow the right article review format and ensure it meets the set of academic standards. Begin with the title page, the title, your name, an abstract (should be approximately 200-300 words and should contain the summary of the question getting reviewed). Also, do not cite references in your abstract. An introduction to indicate what the article contains, and show the order of sub-headings so that the reader can get information on what to expect in different sections is essential. A body which includes the sub-headings, a conclusion to state the rationale of your review, then lastly include the literature cited. Looking at article review examples helps you to generate ideas about your next field of research, you get to identify discoveries and advances made in the specific area of study. You can also identify particular loopholes in the research and come up with solutions. And lastly, you can use them in the current debates for reference.

Your lecturer will assign you tasks to determine your ability to evaluate a specific publication. Not only will you showcase your writing skills, but you will also get to understand the topic better. Do you feel stuck on how to write an article review correctly?

Here are helpful tips on how to write it

  • Know the kind of information your work should have. Know what your work should discuss and how to structure it correctly
  • Find out the meaning of difficult words. You will get to understand the article better to give credible information
  • Jot down an outline to ensure that you don’t meet essential points
  • A good introduction is vital. A well-written introduction determines whether your readers will read through to the conclusion or not
  • Follow the recommended academic style
  • Make a summary, express your opinion and give your conclusion

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Reliable APA Literature Review Writing Service

Sometimes writing a good literature review can be challenging. You might be lacking enough time to complete this paper due to a heavy workload in college, or have a bunch of assignments. No problem, write an APA literature review with us and get:

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Find out Here What is a Literature Review APA

The essence of a literature review is to summarize the selected sources on a particular topic and synthesize these sources through a comparison of the sources’, methodologies, analyses, conclusions, etc. The Lit review can be chronologically organized as follows; by the theme of literature, methods of research or by trends in the field, etc.

Have you understood what is a literature review APA? You might be asked to write such a paper to demonstrate your understanding with work in the field about your intended research topic. The length of the lit review varies depending on the course and instructor preferences.

The following are literature review example elements that your paper needs to consist of:

  • An overall objective clearly stated;
  • Definition of terms introduced in the section;
  • Should have a motivation statement explaining why the topic has been researched;
  • Should have a clear introduction of the various sections that address the overall objective;
  • Should comprise of a comparison, relawrition, and contrasting findings and theories;
  • The coherent flow of ideas;
  • Paraphrasing of findings.

How to Write a Literature Review APA Here and Now

The American Psychological Association has set out review writing guidelines from the overall organization of your paper to minute formatting details. After thoroughly organizing and analyzing your findings, write your review using the APA style as follows:

Your document needs to be appropriately formatted with 1-inch margins and double spacing unless stated otherwise. Use 12-point Times New Roman. Put a running head, and page number on your header appears on every page. The top right corner should display the page number.

The sections of the lit review should be organized as follows:

  • Introduction;
  • Body;
  • Reference list.

Finally, cite all the sources used in the study following the APA style for in-text citations. The general rule is as follows author’s Last Name, a comma, and then Publication Year, i.e., (Homes, 2016). For two or more authors insert the “&” symbol before the last name, i.e., (Hark, Mark & Reynolds, 2009).

Add a reference page on a new piece of paper where you list all the references used in work. The heading “References” should be bold and centered. All sources should be alphabetically organized using the authors’ last names.

What Is a Book Review? Know Your Assignment and Write like an Expert

So, as this task is concerned, what is a book review? Defining this term will help you write a good piece without confusing it. You need to know that there is a difference between a book critique and review. Many students confuse and deliver the wrong content. So, a review is a thorough investigation and critical analysis of the meaning, quality, and importance of a literary work. Without proper understanding, chances are you will deliver poorly written piece. Many students think that when writing this kind of paper, you are only required to provide their opinion on the text. Nevertheless, it is not the only data to provide.

There is more that makes it a review. You have to include the background information about the writer and the subject. Besides, you need to include critical evaluation of the piece you are asked to assess. It is ideal for getting book review example to aid you note the highlighted and discussed elements to understand it well.

Book Review Questions Consider While Writing Your Piece

There are many book review questions you can consider to assist you in delivering a winning piece. They help you to think critically about the piece and find more insightful information to include in your writing. Such questions include:

  • What is the genre
  • Who is the audience?
  • Which style has been used?
  • What makes the author fit to write the book?
  • What amazed you?

These are some of the questions you can consider while making notes for your paper.

Pro-Tips and Guidelines for Writing a Movie Review

To write a movie critique, you have to use creative thinking to craft an opinion-based essay that informs the reader about the film you can order with write my essay help service all types of movie essays. This will demand that you possess some academic writing skills- however, no reason to panic. We offer essay writing services to students who have a busy schedule or experience a challenge in writing a review.

You must be asking, “Why write a movie review?”  Well, one of the reasons is to test your ability to understand a particular subject in the film. The second and most important is to help readers decide whether to watch the film being reviewed.

A student should not provide negative personal opinion during the review. Doing that will make the reader believe the film is not worth a watch. Consequently, you will have spoiled the ideal goal of a critique which is to inform.

To review a film, you must understand some technical aspects of the film industry. This is important as you will not be able to convince the reader if you sound like an amateur.

The first step to writing a review is to watch the film and cognize all the elements of the plot. Then, develop your arguments and summarise them into a logical opinion. Like all essays, the film review follows a specific outline and format.

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