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Technology Essay Types

Defining Technology

Do you need to compose a technology essay with the definitions of basic concepts and principles of this subject? It may be hard to choose good technology topics for research paper, especially if you need to get back to the basics and explore some fundamental terms. Our experts can help you craft a meticulous paper to get a high grade in this academic area.

History of Technology

An assignment for a research paper about technology may also involve exploring some historical events and factors that led to developments and innovations in a specific area. If you have difficulty understanding the historical pathways of technological advancements, no problem! Our writers know a thing or two about it and can complete a top-notch paper with a record turnaround.


Technological Advancements

Analyzing the latest advancements is also one of the standard technology research paper topics that students receive in their academic institutions. Thus, it is a challenge for many learners unable to reserve enough time for an in-depth examination of trending technology and competent writing on this subject. Luckily, our experts can help as they keep pace with all tech innovations and can write a top-notch paper about any of them.

Human Technology

Essays on technology often prompt students to reflect on tech's interaction with humans. It is indeed a topic-rich area as learners are invited to think over the contribution of technology to human progress and degradation, evaluate the risks of tech progress, and contemplate the near future of progress. If you have no ideas or inspiration to examine this subject, we're here to help.


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11 Ideas for Technology Essay

Struggling to develop topics about technology? Here is a cheat sheet for everyone to use from our essay writing service, containing dozens of fresh and attention-grabbing subjects for your high grade.


Engineering and technology go in hand, so you can find a realm of exciting technology essays in this subdiscipline:
1. Structural engineering and advanced tech.
2. Innovation in solar geoengineering research.
3. What is nanotechnology about?
4. Data-driven modeling for metal manufacturing.
5. What is astrochemistry studying, and what are the prospects of this discipline?


Technology essays topics often involve a discussion of energy issues. Here are some suggestions:
1. The potential of waste energy use.
2. What place do building-integrated renewables play in the modern alternative energy sector?
3. What does energy technology relate to?
4. The impact of intense tech use and tech progress on energy consumption.
5. Tech advancements and energy supply dynamics.

Technology in Construction and Manufacturing

When choosing technology paper topics, you can focus on the connection between tech and construction. Here are some ideas to explore:
1. The contribution of advanced software to construction sector performance.
2. Is 3d modelling still a viable approach in construction?
3. The use of BIM versus digital twins.
4. What is the future of smart cities as related to construction and manufacturing?
5. The role of the Internet of Things in modern construction.

Information Technology

The list of technology essay topics would be incomplete without IT. Here is our list of top recommendations:
1. The intricate link between artificial intelligence and tech.
2. The role of tech in product development and design.
3. What is the contribution of tech to accounting and taxation?
4. Can tech contribute to the enforcement of regulatory compliance?
5. Tech and business process improvement: current achievements and future prospects.

Computer Science

Computers and tech are indispensably connected today. Here are some technology writing topics you can consider:
1. Computer software development – is the field impacted by tech innovation?
2. Can tech innovation aid the development of more effective QA testing methods?
3. Data transfer and storage: pressing challenges of modernity.
4. Data science as a new field of computer science.
5. How has tech progress contributed to the advancement of human-computer interaction?

Computer Security and Threats

1. Technological methods for ensuring cyber-security and digital asset protection.
2. Can artificial intelligence serve the need for cybersecurity protection?
3. Cloud computing – a new tech advancement bringing new opportunities and new cyberthreats.
4. Is the rise of video gaming popularity a new security challenge?
5. Machin learning: potential for tech advancement.


1. The underlying difference between software and technology in academia and practice.
2. What software development technologies are trending now and why?
3. Branded software: secrets of the world’s top tech giant success.
4. The potential and underlying technology of DevOps.
5. What apps are obsolete today, and which ones have a bright future?

Data Storage and Manipulation

1. Trending tech for on-site and cloud computing.
2. The most effective storage management approaches: a discussion of existing alternatives.
3. Is the use of large memory servers a solution to big data management?
4. The basics of scale-out storage.
5. Critical vulnerabilities and threats of cloud storage: a critical discussion of problems and solutions.

Computer Hardware

1. Hardware required for the implementation of 5G in the near future.
2. The role and place of advanced RFID systems in the modern security industry.
3. The multitude of advanced VLSI tech applications.
4. What does the concept of open-source hardware entail for large tech corporations?
5. Adaptive filtering prediction and control: past achievements and future prospects.


1. The impact of connectivity on human self-esteem and socialization.
2. Does the Internet make formal education obsolete?
3. Internet and web 3.0 – is true decentralization and democracy possible?
4. Customer security in Internet commerce.
5. The essentials of digital education for the security of adults and children in the online space.
6. Metaverse: what are its implications for human communication and development?

Contemporary Art and Web design

1. Recent advancements in web design and the implications for human psychology.
2. Interactivity is the new mode of human communication. Discuss.
3. What frameworks are used in modern web design and why?
4. Cross-platform compatibility and responsiveness principles of the modern web design.
5. Vector and raster graphics in web design.
6. What is the difference between web design and web technology?
7. The impact of new tech on the world of contemporary web design.