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A Guide on How to Write the Best Term Paper Questions

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Simple Guidelines on How to Formulate Interview Questions for a Term Paper Project

If you have been thinking of how to formulate interview questions for a term paper project, then it is important to note that the interview questions you ask should be relevant to the topic of discussion. As you come up with your questions, put into consideration how each question will contribute to providing answers to your research problem. Effective interview questions are open-ended. Leading questions to limit the respondent’s answers to yes or no which will result in a lack of answers to your research question. Write questions that begin with interrogative pronouns for example, who, where, when, why to enable the respondent have a variety of answers.

Ensure you craft every question in a simple way that is easy to understand. Avoid ambiguity; the respondents need to get your questions clearly so that they can answer them with ease. It is best to first test the clarity of your questions by giving them to someone else to go through and try answering them. Good interview questions need to be formulated in a way that the respondent can relate to them.

Quick Tips on How to Utilize Interview Questions in Term Papers

How to use interview questions in term paper is easier than you could imagine. Note that as you try to get content for your work, the quotes and information you have gotten from your interview can be used as a supplementary just as you use other sources. Cite your interview as you would cite a journal. Include the relevant questions and answers in the body of the paper where they fit. Use speech marks to show a quote from someone. Mentioning names may not be necessary, although you can mention the name of the interviewee if you have their consent. However, it is best to avoid mentioning names you can use descriptions such as ‘student 1’. In case you use the respondents’ name, then do it appropriately according to the different referencing formats.

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