Wedding Speech Order

Wedding Speech Order in a Nutshell

The wedding speech order isn’t that hard once you internalize, but only once you remember. Of course, you don’t want any misunderstandings and awkward moments at the wedding itself. So, we recommend reading through our summary of the order of wedding speeches a couple of times. Once you do, no difficulties should arise during the wedding itself.

Speech Writing Essentials You Need to Know

Speech writing for a wedding doesn’t differ a lot from other use cases. Yes, there’s a particular order in which people speak, but it’s not a bit different. There are a few essential aspects to creating the material that you have to keep in mind while composing. It’s the following: what the audience wants, keeping it short, making powerful statements, and having a clear structure.

Traditional Wedding Speech Writing Order

We’ll break down the order of people making an address at the wedding. Who’s supposed to go first, who’s next, and who’s goes last. Also, we’ll mention the main ideas, which should be implemented into addresses as the order progresses forwards.

Although the order below is a traditional one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. If you’re stressed about the order going wrong, don’t be. The congratulations from relatives and close people are what’s truly important.

Bride and Groom

The first ones to go are the groom and the bride. They should welcome everyone to the wedding, complement each other, and possibly say a few words about their close people. It’s always to make toast and to get it all started.


The next ones in order are their parents. If any parents are hosting the wedding, they should also welcome the guests. Also, they should tell heart-warming stories about how proud they are.

The Best Man

Then, according to the order, speaks the best man. His greeting should partially resemble the groom’s one in which he thanks the bridesmaids. Of course, it should be filled with fun stories and jokes about the new husband leading to a nice salute.

Maid of Honor

After the best man, it’s the maid’s of honor turn, which should thank the bride. Sure, at least one story is in order about her and the new wife. After all the stories are told, she usually congratulates the married pair.

Family Members

Then, the order allows the relatives of the just married duo to take the microphone and congratulate them. They can structure their address however they want, but they must keep it short.

Couple Toasts

In the end, the order comes to the relatives and acquaintances of the newlyweds. These should be simple wishes to the new partners – no long stories.

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Your Questions Answered by a Professional Speech Writer

Our first-time customers often ask us many similar questions about wedding speeches and ordering them. We’ve gathered these questions and talked with a professional speech writer to answer them in one place.

H3: What do you write in a wedding speech?

You introduce yourself and how you know the new man and woman (1), tell jokes/stories related to the couple (2), and congratulate them (3).

How do you start a wedding speech?

You always introduce yourself. Don’t try to grab people’s attention with some incredible statement. Don’t think everybody knows you at the wedding.

Is it OK to read a wedding speech?

Yes, it’s not frowned upon. However, you’ll connect more with the newlyweds if you remember the material.

How much does a speechwriter cost?

There is no set price for this. The overall price of an order will depend on the length of the speech and the shortness of the deadline.

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