Honest Academic Conduct

Terms interpretation:

Educibly.com or the Company is an educational platform for school and college learners, under the domain of educibly.com, who wish to facilitate their paper writing prowess and knowledge in a lawful and academically acceptable manner through studying paper writing samples and learning to write their own scholarly documents.

A specialist is an expert of the platform who is recruited by the Company on a freelance basis to provide mentoring, tutoring, and guidance service, subject to the Company Agreement, which is offering a writing sample for inspirational, research, and reference purposes.

A customer is an individual, usually a student or learner, who visits educibly.com with the purpose of receiving knowledge and guidance in terms of fulfilling a certain type of academic document implemented by a specialist.

Writing Service is a service brought to a customer by a specialist on behalf of the Company, the scope of which is defined by the customer’s instructions and falling in line with the Company Agreement.

To provide Writing Service implies drawing up a relevant writing sample to assist a customer in creating their own scholarly paper, e.g., essay, coursework, thesis, dissertation, term paper, for an agreed financial compensation. When the Company provides Writing Service, it cannot be used by a student as a completed work and must be used for research and consulting purposes, as stipulated in Terms and Conditions.

Product is the end result of when the Company provides Writing Service. Product is a sample of a target academic work and is not supposed to be submitted by a customer, which is the fact a customer is fully aware of after accepting the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

General terms and definitions:

Educibly.com is an innovative educational platform with a mission to streamline conventional education with modern approaches and studying initiatives. In the following chapter, the Company would like to share its global vision and suggest academically acceptable implementations of its service.

The Company’s mission statement and global objective are to foster academic integrity and consolidate plagiarism-free paper writing.

Educibly.com is a lawful, legitimate provider of custom essays and research papers that aim to help a customer learn practical hints on how to cope with a certain type of homework. Our papers are NOT meant to be submitted by students. A customer of the Company writes their own papers.

The Company is in no way or means assisting a customer in cheating, plagiarizing, or performing any other form of unacceptable academic behavior. The Company, including its freelance agents – specialists, is in no way undermining the educational process and abetting academic misconduct.

Under the Company’s Terms and Conditions, undermining the educational process and abetting academic misconduct is:

Cheating – In regards to cheating, our honor code is strict yet simple – cheating is unacceptable. Contract cheating is against our Terms and Conditions.

Collusion – Hiring someone else to perform tasks on behalf of a student is strictly forbidden.

Plagiarism – Educibly.com respects the intellectual property of other people. That’s why our writers do all the papers from scratch.

Imitation – Impersonating or imitating your writing style or persona isn’t a part of our service.

Scam – As an honest and legitimate service, educibly.com delivers the promised paper service in return for an offered fee.

Turnitin tweaking – Our works are not to be submitted to Turnitin and shown to instructors. Educibly.com never indulges students in implementing any tweaking to bypass Turnitin check since such actions don’t fall in line with our Ethics Code.

Educibly.com strongly forbids its specialists to participate or facilitate any form of improper academic conduct. No such actions as stipulated above can be taken by specialists of the Company. Every specialist is obliged to foster honesty, correct academic conduct, and generally lawful academic behavior among customers a specialist has an opportunity to work with. If a specialist, willingly or unwillingly, is proven to not abide by the rules of the Company, stipulated in the Company Agreement, they will be removed from their position imminently and find themselves subject to a penalty stipulated in the Company Agreement.

Message to students

It’s illegal to cheat in college. If a teacher finds out that a student has been cheating, they could be penalized or even dropped out. It’s imperative for all aspiring students to refuse any cheating attempts and academic misconduct. Honesty in education and equality has to be above all.

Customers are not allowed to use samples of papers produced by the Company’s specialists for the purpose of submission. Customers must not use educibly.com’s service for any other purposes rather than those stipulated in the Terms and Conditions. Educibly.com doesn’t condone cheating, plagiarism, collusion, and violation of academic integrity, intentional or unintentional.

Message to specialists

Specialists have to follow educibly.com’s corporate anti-plagiarism and no-cheating standards. When writing papers for our customers, remember that your goal is to help students write their own papers rather than do homework for them entirely. There’s a fine line between helping students and cultivating cheating, the difference which we know our specialists fully realize. The Company will persist in going the extra mile to make sure the line is never crossed. Specialists are prohibited from promoting or fostering academic misconduct, cheating, and acts of plagiarism in any way.

Message to teachers

Educibly.com is fully aware of the fact that teachers physically don’t have time to help all their students the way they count on. The Company would like to offer its help when it comes to writing various types of academic papers. Essays, reports, articles, case studies, coursework, dissertation – educibly.com has proven expertise in this area and knowledge that we are more than eager to share with students.

We strongly believe that making students more versed in terms of college paper writing is in your very best interests. The Company is always open to discussing a partnership.

Message to parents

More and more aspiring graduates turn to cheating and plagiarism as the last resort when trying to keep up with the workload and fit into the schedule. Help your children with academic writing or find someone who can. Educibly.com guarantees to do everything that is in its power, under the Terms and Conditions, to promote honest academic conduct and respect for the academic integrity of everyone involved in the educational process.

Activities that will be deemed as unlawful

Indulging or taking part in one or several of the following unlawful academic activities will lead to cancellation of the Company Agreement under the existing Terms and Conditions. Orders left by students requesting one or several of the following activities will be canceled immediately:

  • Finalizing homework on behalf of a student on a turn-key basis;
  • Impersonating the student’s identity;
  • Giving students means to introduce our sample papers as works of their own;
  • Providing ready-made examination, test, or lab work results;
  • Ghostwriting academic texts related to Health & Medical Science;
  • Forging fake financial reports and business/marketing plans;
  • Giving incorrect or fictitious data and facts;
  • Making false claims and accusations;
  • Any other unlawful academic behavior that violates state and college regulations issued by competent educational authorities.

Academic integrity abuse

Please report any violation of academic integrity and honest college conduct
by someone connected to our service.