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It’s a degree that gives a nurse a solid foundation for a career related to the field of health care. The program is particularly suitable for the registered nurses as it opens doors for them to take on the entry-level positions of nursing. One can get a degree in two or maximum three years. The ADN nursing course curriculum is not just limited to nursing, but also extends beyond that to include liberal arts. Students completing the degree are required to pass a national exam for licensing so that they can start their practice as a registered nurse.

What Is ADN Nursing – The Meaning of ADN

We’ve shared above that it’s a degree, but you might be curious what it means. Probably you reached this page by searching ADN meaning nursing. We tell you – it means an associate’s degree in nursing. Students think about getting this degree when they have long-term plans of working as a nurse. Registered nurses who undergo this program join entry-level positions and subsequently get higher degrees like BSN Nursing with programs of tuition reimbursement. Alongside, they keep getting the much-needed nursing experience.

Benefits of Doing an ADN Nursing Degree

You might be wondering why should you do this degree. Well – there are plenty of reasons. For one, the ADN will give a substantial boost to your career as a nurse. You’ll have the edge over other nurses since you’ll have a proper background and education needed for the higher positions. Employers want to have the best employees in their teams. The best part is that getting an ADN nursing degree is inexpensive as well as a quick way of becoming a highly qualified nurse.

It’s a quick route towards becoming a registered nurse. You’ll be qualified to take the exam of national council licensure after getting this degree. Graduates who take the programs at the bachelor-level also have to pass the same exam.

All it takes is two years to get the ADN in nursing. The bachelor-level students have to spend two years completing the coursework of liberal arts as well. On the contrary, with an ADN in your hand, you can delve straight into the core curriculum of nursing, thus saving yourself two years.

The curriculum involved in the ADN has everything a nurse needs in the profession. You get the best combination of clinical skills, ethics, and knowledge in the course. The curriculum of ADN typically comprises courses of math, physiology, anatomy, English, microbiology, pharmacology, and psychology. In the year 2012, more students with AND underwent the NCLEX-RN as compared to the students with bachelor’s degrees. This reflects that the ADN nursing programs prepare the students sufficiently for a solid career in nursing.

Where Can You Work with an ADN in Nursing

You might be wondering where can you work after you have an ADN and have also passed the exam of NCLEX-RN. You get plenty of options for employment and are qualified for a range of highly paid positions. Here is a list of places that you can get a job in:

  • Home healthcare services
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Offices of other health practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices

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