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Writing 100% perfect tasks without any mistake is impossible. But what if you are in the race for good marks and even a tiny slip of the pen can ruin all your efforts? We have a solution for you!Order the services of an experienced assignment editor and get rid of anxiety!

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Students are not professors, right? They are just studying and training in order to become specialists one day. Therefore, mistakes and misconceptions in their works are a common thing. However, the US education is built on the basis where even one error can put you behind the one who asked for assistance from aside and consequently got a better mark.Think hiring an assignment editor is cheating, and this work can’t be called your own one? We can assure you that the opposite is true.The fact is that the one who seeks help from third parties can benefit even more. Apart from a good job and great reviews from teachers, you get a priceless experience working with professors of the US best colleges and universities.Intrigued?

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Our office is an organization with permanent staff. We do not outsource work to freelancers. We respect confidentiality and keep trade secrets.The order for an assignment editor is carried out by certified philologists who began working as proofreaders and editors in book publishing houses back in the 1990s.We have formed an optimal technical process with multiple proofreading and quality control.

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For 10+ years, we have helped clients in many countries improve thousands of texts – from academic tasks to novels. If you need to check whether the stylistic norms of the language are not violated in the text to correct grammatical, speech, logical, factual errors – ask your assignment editor to provide editing services.If you think your text as a whole is literate and you just want to correct typing errors, spelling, and punctuation errors – order proofreading.

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How does an editor differ from a proofreader? To simplify: the editor knows how to say it correctly, and the proofreader knows how to spell it correctly.Don’t know what service to choose? Here is a brief explanation of what option to order to make the text literate:

  1. If the customer doubts whether they used the correct formulations, whether they made speech errors, then the editor is taken over for checking. When editing, we also carry out proofreading for free.
  2. If the author does not want to change words and phrases, then our task is reduced to proofreading for typos, spelling, and punctuation – this is a proofreading service.

The proofreader works with the text like with dictation, and the assignment editor like with an essay.Imagine a man checking an exam dictation: he does not think about what the author wanted to say and why the adjacent phrases have the same words – he just makes sure that the words are written with the correct letters and, and after “probably” there is a comma. The proofreader has the same approach. Another thing is the teacher checking the essay: she will point out an unclear thought and will notice an unsuccessful expression, just like an assignment editor.

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The assignment editor checks whether the text for publication is literate, coherent, understandable and whether it matches the theme and the chosen functional style.What is the editor responsible for?

  • Grammar (word formation, morphology, and syntax).
  • Lexicon, word usage.
  • Level of assignment proofreading service.
  • Stylistics.
  • Coherence of speech, logic.

The assignment editor primarily monitors the observance of the norms of the English literary language, performs literary editing.In addition, the editor’s services include control of consistency, the sequence of presentation, topic disclosure, and other points related to the content.If speech (for example, tautology, pleonasm), grammatical and logical errors are detected, the editor either corrects them or asks the author a question, especially if knowledge of the specifics of the subject is required to eliminate the shortcomings. Speech errors can be corrected in different ways, and the best option, taking into account the context, is selected together with the customer.

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The main principle of our work: the author is responsible for the content and general approach to the presentation of the text. The assignment editor does the following:

  • Preserves the author’s style;
  • Eliminating inaccuracies in wording;
  • Repetitions;
  • Dissonance;
  • Misalignment;
  • Violation of the sequence;
  • Other substantive and stylistic flaws.

We highlight all corrections so that the customer can see the degree of interference.If the text needs to be supplemented or revised, the assignment editor indicates this but does not write themselves, replacing the author.

What about literary tasks?

The literary assignment editor does not rewrite the text instead of the author, but helps the customer to work out their mistakes:

  • Points out flaws in style;
  • Violation of grammatical norms;
  • Lexical norms;
  • Logic.

If the mistake is obvious and there is no doubt, the experts correct themselves. Fragments, where there are questions, difficulties, replacement options, the assignment editor sends the author for revision, suggesting ways of correction, if possible.

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Do you guarantee that there will be no mistakes, typos?We cannot give such guarantees. The eye is not able to notice everything. Sometimes it takes wishful thinking. And it is impossible to know all the words and rules – a professional is constantly learning.On the other hand, in every situation, we will make every effort to ensure quality and try to make sure that the customers get what they want. And usually, we succeed: numerous reviews are evidence of this.Don’t waste your time, and choose the most appropriate assignment editor here!

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