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A descriptive essay like expository essay is an opportunity for you to improve your overall grade. Undoubtedly, all students want to perform well in this assignment. However, as we all know, several challenges might make it hard for students to cope with their descriptive compositions. For example, shortage of time, lack adequate facts to support claims in the paper, a limited understanding of English, among other issues.

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What Is a Descriptive Essay and Why Is It an Issue to Students?

What is a descriptive essay? It is a writing that seeks to create a vivid picture of a specific matter in the mind of the reader. In this type of composition, students need to provide sensory information that prompts the audience to use their senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell to understand what is being communicated, sometimes students are asked to write them as informative term paper. For anyone to write an excellent descriptive composition, it is essential to brainstorm for ideas, create an outline, understand how to start a descriptive essay, and use strong description language when writing. It is also vital to develop an effective descriptive essay thesis statement to guide you throughout your writing. Last but not least, our experts recommend that you polish and proofread your descriptive piece to ensure that it is at its best ahead of turning it in.

With that elaborated, let’s take a look at some of the challenges that students come across when writing this type of essay.

Lack of supporting information: Without sufficient facts, ideas, and arguments to back your stance, it becomes quite challenging to write a compelling descriptive composition. It is imperative that you gather all useful information ahead of your writing.

Limited understanding of the subject: It is virtually impossible to write an excellent piece if you do not quite comprehend the issue you need to explore in your essay. If you succeed in writing your composition, there are high chances that you will write an off-topic essay.

Inadequate time: Some students find it challenging to cope with their descriptive compositions due to a shortage of time. See, you need sufficient time to ensure that you conduct exhaustive research and still get to write your essay without any pressure.

Limited understanding of English: It is easy to come across students with excellent ideas but with limited English knowledge. Such students often find it difficult to convey their views in a paper thus putting them at a considerable disadvantage to their classmates with good command of English.

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