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What is a Doctoral Dissertation for College Students?

A dissertation is extensive documentation of knowledge learned throughout a graduate program based entirely on research. Writing a doctoral dissertation proves a learner is well conversant with their field of study. Doctoral dissertations are a crucial requirement for Ph.D.; technically, it serves as a presentation of analysis and results of the learner’s research. By learning ‘what is a doctoral dissertation function,’ the students can effortlessly maneuver the task. Below is the main essence of a dissertation:

  • Provide a critical analysis of the student’s literature review
  • Highlight and describe the research methodology used in the scholarly work
  • Research and present original findings that will significantly contribute to the field of study.
  • Prove and support the learner’s thesis statement with verifiable facts
  • Acknowledge the respective dissertation works and findings within a broader discipline.
  • Ewriters effectively convey the analysis and scholarly work

How Long is a Doctoral Dissertation at Higher Learning Institutions

The length of a dissertation is variable depending on the instructions given. In some cases, the professor may specify the length of the paper; however, there are instances where one will have to determine how long their article will be. One’s thesis can range from about 60, 000-80,000 words; this is exclusive of appendices, footnotes, and bibliography in general. Therefore the question “how long is a doctoral dissertation” cannot be tied down to a specific word count.

When writing a dissertation, it is advisable to pay keen attention to the stipulated length. Draft your dissertation paper with regards to the topics of study and general structure of your thesis paper. What makes up a significant part of the dissertation is the body; this is the compilation of your research findings, data, and technical work. The body carries the most weight when it comes to dissertations; it serves as a justification for your thesis statement.

The length of a dissertation can, therefore, be drawn out from the stipulated word count or research content: the more extensive the field of discipline, the longer the paper will be. Professional writers put in a lot of thought when creating the review and thesis statement. In any doctoral dissertation example, the review and thesis statement act as a guide when writing and presenting an oral defense for your research before the doctoral committee. The review and thesis statement briefly elaborate the purpose of your writing: be it identifying a problem, fortifying an argument, or complimenting a known factor of the discipline.

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APA writing style is challenging for most students; this, however, does not have to be the case. You can get expert help with writing companies when prompted to use of APA style for your dissertation. The key to efficiently using APA writing style is to review and interpret the formatting style and guidelines.

Writers tend to select a topic that is related to the paper’s research concept; this way, they can easily carry out extensive research on the discipline. The next step is to read and critically analyze ideas and materials published and written on the topic in question. From the data sources, the writer can come up with compelling arguments and concepts to write in his review. The APA doctoral dissertation length is determined by the scope of information you are working with; that is why choosing the right topic for your paper is crucial.

In the body, the writer presents his case and proceeds to back it up with facts and substantial proof; correlate your research material with the arguments in a logical order. It is important to point out the research methods used to obtain your information, acknowledge primary and secondary sources used in your research. Towards the end of your APA doctoral dissertation, identify any pending gaps, and tie together loose ends. The writer polishes off your essay in the conclusion paragraph; this is also where a stance is drawn on the subject matter. Drawing a conclusion on your stand on the subject matter is very important

The final step is to enlist all the sources used to put together the paper using APA style of formatting

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