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Need professional help with editing your paper but don’t want to overspend? With Educibly, you can save up to 20% on every new order.
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Professional Editing Services for 100% Perfect Results

We don’t just edit your paper. We approach it according to its type, requirements, specifications and ensure an A+ result.
Ph.D. dissertations
Resumes and cover letters
Other academic documents
Research & term papers
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Our professional essay editors can perform all kinds of editing and proofreading work for you to be confident in the paper’s quality before its submission.
Ph.D. dissertations
Our assignment editing service covers all types of academic tasks, from essays to Ph.D. dissertations. So, you can expect thoroughness and attention to detail on every order.
Theses are extensive works needing proper editing before submission. Our experts can handle this task for you from the beginning till the end, checking all minor details.
Resumes and cover letters
A resume should look impeccable, without a single error or misprint in the text. So, we provide editing help to give you the upper hand in the job search process.
Other academic documents
Any academic work needs an objective review before its submission. You may fail to get a spot in a journal or lose vital grades because of errors or typos.
A proposal is an important document containing the kernel of your research plan. So, we check it end-to-end to ensure that it looks good and sounds persuasive.
Research & term papers
We specialize in editing college papers to help you with all kinds of academic tasks and challenges. Don’t skip the final review; entrust the task to our professionals.

What You Get Here

Guarantees, benefits, and features that will ensure your safe and pleasant customer journey here.

Professional editors

Our college essay proofreading service hires only proven experts with many years of experience and a background in editing to serve you well.



Nobody wants to have their personality exposed in an online writing company, so our essay proofreading and editing services are totally private and confidential.


Online Support 24/7

We try to support our clients at all stages of working with us, so our managers and writers are online 24/7, attending to your needs.


Delivery on deadlines

Deadline violations can cost you dearly, and we know it. Thus, we always submit papers on time without delays or grave violations of your deadline.


Strive for perfection

Our experts are continuously trained to deliver top-notch academic content on any topic. It’s meant to keep clients satisfied and coming back for more help.


Direct chat with writer

Once you place an order in our company and get an assigned editor, you can discuss the project in our direct messaging system.


No hidden fees

We never charge more than we initially calculated for your order, thus saving you from hidden fees. The pricing is highly transparent here.


Favorable prices

You can use several ways to save costs in the process of ordering papers from us. We feature many discounts and special deals for clients.


Works of any level of complexity

Our editors are qualified in all types of academic writing, giving you the upper hand at all educational levels, from high school to Ph.D. research.


Unlimited Edits

Once you get the completed assignment, your task is to review it and identify areas that require improvement. We deliver free revisions within 14 days.

Order Online Editing in 5 Steps

1. Step 1. Placing an order. You will need to fill out a simple form to place an order. You can indicate the type of service you are interested in and the subject in it. Also, in the order form, you will need to indicate a deadline and select the skill level of your editor.

2. Step 2. Payment. In the order creation form, you will immediately see the cost for your paper. It will be possible to pay for the essay edit service using Visa and MasterCard credit cards and the Discover service.

3. Step 3. Work on the text. The paper editing service online has started to work. You just have to relax, go about your business and wait for the finished result.

4. Step 4. Recheck. Your order is ready, but another specialist is rechecking it. We have to make sure the quality is high and check for plagiarism. This way, Educibly achieves the best text quality.

5. Step 5. Receiving the order. It's time to get your paper finished. It will be sent to you exactly on time, and you can download it and familiarize yourself with the content. If some points do not suit you, then you can order for free revisions. If the document does not suit you completely, you can demand money back. If everything is ok, you get the edited text, and the proofreader gets the money.

Free service

  • Hiring a preferred expert
  • Bibliography and cover page
  • Formatting in the chosen style
  • Revisions within 14-30 days
  • Downloadable samples

How it works

See how easy it is to start using
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Fill out a simple form or order via Chat
Let us know what you need done, provide instructions, and make a secure 'write my essay' payment with a credit or debit card. Please make sure to enter a valid email address. We need it to create an account for you.
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Chat with expert & track progress
Once the payment is received, we’ll connect you with a relevant expert providing writing services and email your login details to your customer account with our essay writing service. Use it to discuss your task with the expert in a live chat and control the writing process.
step 3
Cross the task off your to-do list
On the delivery date, log in to your account with our essay service and check the completed work. If you are satisfied with writing services, just submit it and relax. If not, go for a free revision option or get your money back.

Top Subjects to Edit with Educibly


History and Anthropology

History is a universal subject; it is taught to mathematicians, economists, and linguists alike. Some universities treat the discipline formally, while others require students to complete the program in full. Thus, students have additional assignments in history. For many students, anthropology is a completely non-core subject. However, many need to have an excellent grade, even in it. If you do not have enough time or energy to edit a paper on history and anthropology, then you can always redirect this task to Educibly authors!



Paper in accounting belongs to the category of the most problematic assignments. Bad grades of students are due to a lack of experience and sufficient knowledge. If you do not have time or have doubts about your competence - contact Educibly. We provide essay editing help for any accounting papers at all USA higher educational institutions.


Biology and Life Sciences

These are the most interesting subjects. Biology and life sciences study all living things and their interaction with the surrounding world. Students learn new things about the world around them and various organisms’ structures. However, for some, these subjects are too difficult. Also, since modern students have no time at all, many experience great difficulties in completing the assignment. For this reason, Educibly, one of the best paper editing services, was created. On its website are dozens of excellent authors at online essay editing of biology and life sciences texts.


World Literature

Writing a good paper in world literature is impossible without serious post-editing of the text. Not everyone has the opportunity and time for such editing, and in this case, Educibly will be able to provide the necessary assistance. The task on world literature will be performed by a specialist philologist from among our authors, considering the specifics of your topic. All requirements accepted in your university or put forward by the scientific advisor will be met.



Not having time to complete the editing of your psychology paper on time? Are you afraid of the quality of the text and do not want to risk your assessment grade? Do you want to turn the assignment into high-quality and interesting material? Then the decision to start partnering with Educibly is a great choice. Good proofreading will help you ensure that you get the grade you want. Also, it allows you to use your time freely.


Healthcare and Nursing

Medical students must write papers that combine theory and practical skills, knowledge, and skills in a single approach. Often, for the full preparation of such work, highly specialized knowledge is required not only in the field of medicine. Skills in chemistry, biology, and Latin are also required. Information has to be collected bit by bit from a variety of textbooks. Plus, do not forget about the literacy of the academic assignment. The best option is to order essay editing and proofreading of healthcare and nursing documents on the Educibly website. Our experts will handle your text as soon as possible.


Business and Management

There can be any number of reasons why a business and management assignment is not 100% complete. Among them are unforeseen circumstances, lack of time, and personal affairs. However, teachers do not care much about your problems; they need a result - ideally competent work. Our employees have edited many works on such difficult subjects as business and management. Essay writing help by the professionals of our company is of high quality and will allow you to get the best grade.


Environmental Studies

Environmental studies greatly impact agriculture, economics and politics, health care, industry, education, and culture. Based on these subjects, an effective system of nature protection can be built. Ecology assignments should contain up-to-date material and your research. However, the literacy of the text is also of great importance, and the Educibly essay editing service will help with this.

Editing Service Online

Best Paper Editors

Each academic year, students write academic papers. These tasks must be taken seriously. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting a bad grade or completely starting training again on the same course. Not all students have the patience, knowledge, or free time to write the perfect assignment with unique text that is guaranteed to pass the vigilant teacher’s eye test.

Deadline is soon, and you haven't even edited one page yet? The situation is familiar to many. After all, people solve problems as they arise. According to statistics, over 70% of students, for various reasons, postpone writing and proofreading as long as possible. This is an enviable composure that will come in handy in life. In the meantime, you need to make the imperfect text brilliant. Editing college papers may require uniqueness and other operations.

Submit a quick order via the online form on the Educibly website. An experienced specialist will help you unique and edit the assignment to bring the text to the desired condition.

Educibly specializes in the online essay editing of text for academic assignments. The result of the college essay proofreading service use: perfect ready-made material, saved time, healthy nerves, and a good mood.

Benefits of Educibly Online Editing Service

● Urgent orders. Our essay writing service will cope with the task during the day or week. Cooperation on weekends or holidays is also possible. Orders are executed within the specified time frame.
● Knowledge of the subject. Educibly employs professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. They work responsibly, meticulously, and accurately. You will suffer no shame in front of teachers and examiners.
● Personal approach. Choice of semantic, stylistic, or technical editing. Special essay editing services of works on technical topics.
● Maximum utility. Alteration of individual fragments of the text, improvement of the structure of sentences, removal of water, and meaningless phrases. Checking facts, figures, dates, events. Unification of terms, designations, abbreviations. Free essay revision service is included in the approved cost.
● Stylistics check. Correction of speech errors, elimination of logical inconsistencies, removal of grammatical inaccuracies.
● High quality. You will receive a document without errors, typos, and technical mistakes. The finished work will be 100% better than the original.
● Prices. The affordable cost of college paper editing is always maintained.
● Absolute confidentiality. The collaboration remains a complete secret.

Popular Services


If you need to improve the structure of the text, build or rebuild the logic of the presentation, then Educibly is ready to provide essay editing help. In the work process, the paper editor online first determines the future structure of the text and then performs semantic editing, following the selected structure.

Check Clarity

The clarity improvement service assumes the correction of lexical, morphological, syntactic, stylistic errors. In this case, not only the correction of errors is carried out. The alteration of entire text fragments, the restructuring of sentences, the removal of unnecessary repetitions, the elimination of ambiguity are also performed.

Check Formatting

This work brings the author's text to a single format or changes the existing format. The work is carried out in the text format when we do a formatting check, and the author's style remains unchanged. As a result, the form of the text best matches its content. The paper’s attractiveness to the audience, the convenience, and the comfort of perception directly depends on the formatting.

Citation Editing

This essay edit service is performed when more thorough editing is required in terms of the professional or scientific specificity of the text. It is important to use reliable scientific documentation, information publications, and other citations in the text when doing such work. Citation editing is done by a paper editor online with extensive experience in their specialty.


Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions.
  • Is this essay editing service legit?

    Educibly has been helping students for over ten years and is registered in the USA. The company’s assignment editing service is legit, reliable, and safe. Hundreds of positive reviews confirm the legitimacy of independent social media.

    Since the company is legit, you get confidence in the quality of the service. You will be able to view the performer’s profile to see their rating, qualifications, and experience. Try to cooperate with Educibly right now, and your grades will start to rise.

  • Can Turnitin detect essay editing online?

    Essay editing service means bringing the finished text to an ideal state. This is a check for typos, spelling, or grammatical errors. It does not imply a check for the uniqueness of the text.

    When ordering proofreading, you can be sure that the result will be a text consistent in style and tone. It will be easy to read and convey your opinion on a particular issue. Essay proofreading and editing are the last steps before submitting a completed academic assignment. Therefore, if your text was unique before proofreading, then with its uniqueness, everything will be fine. Bringing non-unique text to 100% Turnitin uniqueness is a separate service.

  • Can I hire someone to edit papers online?

    It's easy to make grammatical and stylistic mistakes when you write. Another person, for example, a professional editor who is not as close to the document as you can find errors and ways to fix them. A self-check does not help much in such a situation since you see what you expect to see in the text.

    Professional essay editors and proofreaders of Educibly can correct even the most hidden mistakes in the text. They are also familiar with the most commonly used formatting styles such as AP, AMA, MLS, APA, Bluebook, and CMS.

  • How much does it cost?

    Mistakes in academic papers can cost you a lot. Mistakes in words can significantly change the meaning of what is written. There are even examples of people winning lawsuits because of this. For students, this can mean a significant drop in grades. But, of course, it's up to you how much your safety costs.

    Educibly is the best paper editing service that has tried to make its prices as attractive as possible for every student. Anyone can find a convenient price tag for themselves. The price will be formed depending on the chosen professionalism of the proofreader and the deadline for the delivery of the text. To find out the exact price, you can fill out a quick order form on the Educibly website.