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Why Students Choose Professional Academic Writing Services?

Each student, during the delivery of term papers or theses, one way or another, is faced with an anti-plagiarism program. This program scans the text and compares it with a huge number of sources that are in its database. Every year it becomes more and more difficult to bypass anti-plagiarism: new search modules are regularly added, and the databases are constantly updated. One of the easiest ways to bypass the anti-plagiarism system and get help with essays is to order paraphrasing academic writing assistance.

4 Ways of Paraphrasing Academic Writing

There are numerous ways of improving the uniqueness level in the text. Here are the most common ones:

Programs for Replacing Words With Synonyms – Synonymizers

The principle of operation of such programs is to find and replace words with their semantic equivalents. Although synonymizers often change words, depriving the text of the logic of presentation.

Simple Rewrite

This method consists of replacing some words with synonyms and rearranging them in a sentence without changing the main meaning of the original text.

Deep Rewriting

It differs from the simple one in that it involves a thorough revision of the original text with the addition of your own thoughts. This method takes a lot of time but is characterized by high-quality material;

Buy Paraphrasing Academic Writing Service from the Author

An expensive and rather long way, but if you manage to find a qualified performer, then it is possible to get a high-quality and unique job.In addition to the above methods, you can always use paid paraphrasing academic writing tools to increase the level of text originality. The algorithm does not change or distort the source text but changes the structure of the file, thereby increasing the percentage of uniqueness of the term paper or thesis.However, we strongly recommend using the services of real essay helper online and not the AI tools in case you want to get a high-quality job.

Top Reason Why Paraphrasing Academic Writing Programs Aren’t Our Choice

There are many ways to rephrase text to make it more unique. The simplest and fastest of them are services for replacing words with synonyms. Such paraphrasing academic writing services are called synonymizers. Despite the simplicity of this method, the quality of the text received using these services will be extremely low.So, talking about quality academic writing, there is no room for simple replacing the words with synonyms. Let’s consider an illustrative example of using a synonymizer for paraphrasing academic writing. Below is the source text that will be processed.“The formation of consumer loyalty is implemented through loyalty programs, which are aimed at maintaining and developing relations between the client and the organization. A loyalty program is a set of marketing activities for the development of repeat sales to existing customers in the future, selling them additional goods or services, promoting corporate ideas and values, and other types of potentially profitable behavior.”Next, let’s process the text using a synonymizer. As a result, we get the following:“The arrangement of purchaser faithfulness is executed through unwaveringness programs, which are pointed toward keeping up and creating relations between the customer and the association. A steadfastness program is a bunch of advertising exercises for the advancement of rehash deals to existing clients, later on, selling them extra products or administrations, advancing corporate thoughts and values, and different sorts of possibly beneficial conduct. “The resulting text looks clearly distorted and meaningless. It does not correspond to the English rules and common sense. Such work will arouse the teacher’s suspicions and will not increase the percentage of the originality of the text. Moreover, the fact is that modern anti-plagiarism algorithms are able to recognize simple word replacements for synonyms. Therefore, this paraphrasing academic writing method is completely unsuitable for successfully passing the anti-plagiarism check.

Order Academic Writing Help in Our Company

A deep, thorough rewriting, which will represent a completely new text with the addition of your own thoughts, remains a high-quality and effective method today. Although this paraphrasing academic writing method of increasing uniqueness is really working, it will take a lot of time and effort and is not suitable for situations where you need to act quickly.Fortunately, you can always order academic writing from highly experienced authors. In doing so, you will get the next advantages:

  • Low price;
  • Compliance with the deadlines;
  • Effective academic writing;
  • Polite academic writing staff;
  • Broad choice of available authors;
  • 100% guarantee of top-notch quality.

The Most Accurate Prices

When choosing an academic writing service, the first feature to think about is, of course, the price. Prices for high-quality and unique works are very high, but by ordering such work from a person who understands the specifics of the topic, you can be confident that the quality will be at the highest level.However, be sure that even a doctoral dissertation from or company will not cost you a fortune. Our prices are intended to be available for students of different levels of income.

Extensive Choice

Secondly, we offer you the direct choice of the author. Now on the Internet, there are many sites offering paraphrasing academic writing services, but we are the only company that gives a true description of every employee.

Urgent Orders

Some people believe that working with authors is absolutely not suitable if you have a tight deadline. Sure, writing quality material takes time, and if you do decide to do custom work, you should take care of it in advance. However, we offer our customers a unique opportunity to order tasks urgently, without losing the quality level.

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