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We offer qualified proofreading services with any type of writing.
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Cover letter
If you’re composing a cover letter, you need our professional proofreading services for sure. Don’t submit a cover letter with typos or errors not to spoil the first impression.
Are you preparing a resume or CV for a job search? Our best proofreading services online can help you ace that process with a good-looking package of documents.
Personal statement
Those preparing personal statements for admission or application for an internship program can benefit from our top-notch proofreading services, leaving no chance for errors.
Admission essay
Always work with an online essay proofreader from our team when preparing admission essays; they should look ideal for the committee to consider your candidacy for any position.
Letter of recomendation
Are you unsure about the quality of your letter of recommendation? We have editors highly skilled in the sphere of business proofreading, so they will always do a good job.
Statement of purpose
When preparing a statement of purpose, you have to lay out the information clearly and precisely to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. Use our editors’ help to pass your message across.
Our English proofreading services are pretty universal, covering all student needs, including various academic assignments. So, you can come to us to polish your coursework with ease.

Need Proofreading Help? We Are the Best!

Guarantees and benefits that come with every proofreading service by default.

Simple pricing

We never charge hidden fees and keep our prices at the market average. Thus, you always receive fair rates for the requested academic work.



All clients enjoy a top degree of privacy and confidentiality in our company, as we know the value of anonymity in academic writing issues.


Online Support

Our service ensures communication between managers, writers, and clients via numerous channels. You can reach out to us via email, live chat, and hotline.


Qualification & Language

We test every new candidate for the ESL/ENL writing expertise and knowledge of their academic discipline, thus keeping the level of service high.


100% confidentiality

We give priority to your privacy and will never share or make your data available to any third party without your consent.


Delivery on deadlines

Our experts know the value of timeliness when it comes to urgent home tasks. So, they always complete your tasks ahead of the set time.


Professional editors

All papers completed by our team are subjected to a final editor review. Editing orders are handled by senior-level experts in English.


Always in Touch

You can always count on our uninterrupted assistance by managers and writers available online round the clock. No fixed office hours!


Safety of payments

We partner only with reliable, trusted payment providers to ensure that your banking data stays intact and properly protected during the payment process.


Strive for perfection

You can always count on top-notch support from our staff in all aspects of our service – timeliness of responses, great content, editing quality.

Here’s a Proofreading Service You Can Trust

Here at Educibly, you can get all kinds of post-writing services you need. Our experts can provide a professional thesis proofreading service or check other academic assignments that you've finished independently but want an independent auditor to look at them:

● All experts have Ph.D. degrees in English.
● Everyone has been working as a professional editor.
● All pros have an extensive portfolio to show to clients.
● All of them are ENL specialists.

Free service

  • Hiring a preferred expert
  • Bibliography and cover page
  • Formatting in the chosen style
  • Revisions within 14-30 days
  • Downloadable samples

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Chat with expert & track progress
Once the payment is received, we’ll connect you with a relevant expert providing writing services and email your login details to your customer account with our essay writing service. Use it to discuss your task with the expert in a live chat and control the writing process.
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Cross the task off your to-do list
On the delivery date, log in to your account with our essay service and check the completed work. If you are satisfied with writing services, just submit it and relax. If not, go for a free revision option or get your money back.

Order Proofreading Help in 4 Quick Steps

Now that you know that you’re in the right place and can get English proofreading services here, let's proceed to place the order. We've decided to simplify the ordering procedure so that students don't waste any extra time on order completion, getting what they need in minutes. Everything is done in four simple steps.

Filling out the form

To take advantage of our proofread services, you need to complete the ordering form and communicate your needs to us. Please send us the text that requires proofreading for a review, and our managers will issue a quote for this task.


Paying for the service

Once you agree on all proofreading terms with the support representative and are okay with the presented quote, you’re welcome to pay for the expected service. You’ll be given a payment link with instructions. All payment gateways are secure and verified, so you can complete all transactions safely and quickly.


Teaming with your expert

When your order is paid, you’re assigned an online essay proofreader from our editing team. We encourage all customers to work closely with their experts as they can give feedback and direct our staff, thus making sure that the final outcome will satisfy them.


Reviewing and closing the order

Once your assignment is thoroughly proofread, you need to review the final document submitted to your personal cabinet and confirm that the order is completed and closed. If you still see some minor flaws and need your proofreader to make additional improvements, you need to formulate revision requirements and send them to your assigned expert. All revisions are made free of charge until you're fully satisfied with the content.

How to Choose a Proofreading Service from the First Try

Now, let’s discuss the process of choosing the best proofreading services and the criteria by which you can tell that the provider is indeed reputable. It's often hard to find such a company at once as numerous websites claim to be the best, while only a handful of long-standing providers in the academic writing market can indeed deliver top-notch proofreading services to clients:

  • Check whether your provider has a money-back guarantee. It's tough to get your money back if you're dissatisfied with an editing or proofreading service. Unlike writing, this service is more elusive and subjective, so you may end up getting a substandard product with no chance for a refund.
  • Review the editors' credentials before hiring them. Every company has editors in the team, but the quality and professionalism of this service vary greatly. Look for ENL editors with a Ph.D. degree and hands-on experience; these experts are likely to do their job well.
  • Check whether your provider has a money-back guarantee. It's tough to get your money back if you're dissatisfied with an editing or proofreading service. Unlike writing, this service is more elusive and subjective, so you may end up getting a substandard product with no chance for a refund.
  • Review the editors' credentials before hiring them. Every company has editors in the team, but the quality and professionalism of this service vary greatly. Look for ENL editors with a Ph.D. degree and hands-on experience; these experts are likely to do their job well.

Proofreading vs. Editing: What Is the Difference?

Whenever you decide to engage professional proofreading services, you want to clarify what exactly you will get from the provider. In this context, the difference between proofreading and editing comes to the fore as not all students realize what both steps of post-writing checks include and how they differ. So, let's clarify the difference to see what service you really need.

The first thing to keep in mind is that both editing and academic proofreading relate to the revision of your written draft. Editing involves taking an in-depth look into your content and the overall structure of your text. You need to double-check whether the structure within paragraphs is acceptable and whether your content is clear to the readers. Editing also relates to bringing your text to a uniform style and using correct citations in it.

Proofreading (whether it is academic or website proofreading) always focuses on the text's mechanics, such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling. At this stage, you need to bring the content to technical correctness while not bothering about content cohesion and coherence any longer. To achieve this aim, you need to reserve proofreading until the last moment, when all other stages of text preparation are finished.

How to Proofread Like a Pro Expert

So, when you’re ordering the best proofreading services online, what assistance do you expect to receive? What should it constitute to be regarded as expert proofreading help?
Here are some essentials of the proper proofreading process that every expert writer applies after finalizing the writing and editing part:

  • Proofread your text multiple times by focusing on a single error type at a time. For instance, you can check the text for subject-predicate agreement first, then come to the tense alignment and reread the content for the third time to detect any spelling issues.
  • Read slow and focus on every word. In this way, you'll be able to capture the text's mechanics, not the content. The latter is not your subject of concern – you need to see whether all words are in their places, written correctly.
  • Print your text out. It’s much simpler to highlight mistakes on paper than on a digital screen. Thus, you need to print the text, circle, cross all issues on it first, and then transfer the proofreading results back to the digital file.
  • Read the text backward. This technique is handy for proofreading as it helps you detach from the content and focus only on the form, i.e., the words you've used.
  • Highlight your punctuation marks. You read mentally in most cases, so your brain automatically puts a comma or a full stop, even if it's absent on paper. To help yourself capture the missing or redundant punctuation marks, circle all of them on paper. Such highlights will let you stop on each mark and double-check whether it's in the right place.
    • If you do not have time to do it yourself, you can get help from the specialists of our essay writing service.


Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions.
  • What is included in a proofreading and editing service that I order?

    When you come to our company for such assistance, you can count on a thorough review of your draft from all angles. If you order proofreading services, your expert is only responsible for the punctuation, grammar, and spelling check. They won't reread the text attentively to uncover inconsistencies and fix the structure. If you order editing coupled with proofreading, your expert will also conduct the structure and content review to fix cohesion and flow issues and achieve better clarity.

  • Are your editors and proofreaders native speakers?

    Yes, we employ only ENL editors and proofreaders because they have the natural feel of the English language and can fix minor issues in the cohesion, style, and flow that an ESL writer will hardly feel. By working with us, you're guaranteed premium-level editing help from competent EML specialists possessing years of proven expertise in the area of content editing. The editing team functions separately from writers.

  • How do I calculate the price of the order?

    You can consult the calculator available on the website's main page to check the standard proofreading and editing services rates. The quote typically depends on the deadline, complexity level of your assignment, and the length of the text that requires an audit. Still, every order is unique, and some customers require additional assistance. For instance, we don't rewrite the copy-pasted fragments if we detect heavy plagiarism in the drafts you submit. If you need those issues corrected as well, you will need to pay some extra money for rewriting or writing from scratch.

  • Are your proofreaders qualified to do the job?

    Yes, all experts providing this service are competent in academic and business proofreading, thus able to render professional services of this kind for projects of any complexity. We verify the academic credentials of all job applicants upon employment, so you're guaranteed impeccable services by proven experts with a long track record in their academic specialization. They can conduct a close, careful reading of your text and use different techniques of content improvement to make your assignments look more competent and academic.

  • Can I order editing services anytime?

    Yes, we have specifically designed our website’s system of placing orders in a way that allows 24/7 coverage. Our customers come from different corners of the globe, so they may need our services in different time zones. Thus, we have a writer and manager team working in shifts depending on their native time zones, delivering impeccable services at any moment our clients might need them. Even if it's Saturday night or New Year's eve, you can come to us and get prompt proofreading help.

  • How do you guarantee my privacy?

    Our company realizes the value of user privacy and confidentiality as we know that utilizing external help in writing and editing may cause serious trouble for students. Your professor may suspect that you are not the author of the submitted paper, thus urging you to rewrite it anew. Thus, we keep all transactions with our clients confidential and never share personally identifying information with editors or third parties. In this way, we guarantee your end-to-end identity protection and minimize the risks of exposure.