All About Narrative Essay Writing

In case you want to write a narrative essay, you should understand the essence of this type of paper. Do not worry because it will not have significant differences from the usual essays, especially in writing. However, to make the process of writing a narrative essay easier for you, let’s find out the narrative essay definition.

The whole point of writing the narrative essay is that you’re writing it based on your own experience. The best part of a narrative essay is that in writing this kind of paper, you will not be limited by some usual academic requirements.

Here, you can free your imagination and start your story right from the most interesting part by avoiding long introductions and the purposes of your work. As you can see by the narrative essay definition, everything is not as scary at first glance. However, our essay writing service recommend reading the narrative essay example before starting your paper to consolidate the acquired knowledge.

What Is The Purpose Of Writing A Narrative Essay?

You may have a logical question like “what is the purpose of writing a narrative essay” or “why is it so important to know how to write narrative essays? However, such a usually boring thing as writing a paper can turn out as a really important thing that will help you to understand yourself and make the process of sharing your thoughts much easier for you.

Let’s take a closer look at the main purposes of writing a personal narrative essay.

Involving Readers in Your Experience

Your personal narrative essay is the best way to share your experience with your readers. Generally, the main purpose of narrative essay writing is to share your thoughts about some event or experience you have faced during some life period.

So, if you write a good narrative essay, everyone who reads it will find something useful from your personal narrative essay.

Helping You to Understand Your Experience

Another purpose of your narrative essay writing is that you will be able better understand your feelings and your life experience. Be sure that once you decide to share your thoughts regarding your situation that has been problematic for you, you will feel relief once you start writing about this situation.

So the personal narrative essay will also help you look at your previous experience from a different angle.

Showing Your Attitude Towards the Problem

Narrative essays are also used in the educational system to help students show their attitude toward the presented problem. If you find a way to include your previous experience to explain your attitude to the problem, that will mean that you wrote a good narrative essay.

What Are The Main Characteristics Of A Good Narrative Essay?

If you’re dreaming about having your narrative essay written according to all requirements, you should also draw your attention to such important items as characteristics of your narrative essay. In this section, we will provide you with all personal narrative essay characteristics that will help you make your narrative essay.

Interesting Setting

The first thing you should understand about narrative essays is that they need to be interesting. That’s why you need to make such an interesting setting for your story, so everyone who reads it will identify your character with yourself.

Of course, you should include your personal experience in the paper, however, do not forget to recreate your essay in such a way, so nobody will know that you wrote it based on an experience from your life.

Connecting With The Past

One of the main narrative essay ideas is that it should teach your readers some lessons. That’s why it’s important to include a strong connection between past and present in your narrative writing.

It would help if you showed your readers the relevance of your work. That will help you write a narrative essay that will resonate with readers. To look closely at this essay’s characteristics, you can read some narrative essay examples.

Conflict and Changes

To make the reader believe that your narrative essay written in real life, you should add some conflict to your paper. It’s well known that usual life can not exist without conflict or contradictions. That’s why adding these characteristics to your essay writing is crucial. It will make your paper more live, and your readers will believe it is based on a true story.

Strong Narrative Essay Thesis Statement

Of course, no one forbids you to have a few narrative essay ideas. However, your narrative essay should include one fundamental idea on which your narrative essay will base.

The thesis statement in the narrative essay will have the same function as in all other types of essays. The thesis in the narrative essay will be your main base on which you will build a strong narrative essay outline.

What Are The Types Of Narrative Essays?

If you want to write a narrative essay, you will be surprised how many different types of narrative essays exist in our time. Likely, you may even get confused with a large selection of narrative essays.

However, do not worry because, in this section, we’d take a closer look at all common types of narrative essays, so when the time comes and you will have to write a narrative essay for college or high school, you will not face any difficulties.


In case you need to write a narrative essay as fast as possible and you do not have time for reading some narrative essay ideas, you can choose this type of paper.

As you may have already guessed, in this type of paper, you will need to write about your own experience, this type of narrative essay will be based on your biography, so you will not even need to read some literature. Just make some narrative essay outline, and you can start your writing.


The biography narrative essay may be similar to the previous type; however, it has one big difference.

If, in the case of an autobiographical paper, you will write about yourself in the biographical paper, you should choose some other person to write a narrative essay. It can be some famous or historical person. And in this case, before starting your narrative writing, at least you will have to study the life path of the person you’re writing about.


In case you write a narrative essay of this type, there is one significant point you need to understand: there needs to be a moral at the end of your story. Of course, these narrative essays might be a little bit harder to write.

Nevertheless, if you succeed in fable narrative writing, be sure that everybody will know you as a good writer. If you want to understand the essence of the fable paper better, check one fable narrative essay example since it’s always better to see one time than to hear three times.


This type of narrative essay is a special form that includes fictional characters and events. It doesn’t mean you will not have an opportunity to write a narrative essay based on your experience. However, you will have to make it in another way.

For example, you must disguise yourself or people from your experience and make it all fiction.

Narrative Writing: Narrative Essay Format

If you want to write a narrative essay but do not know which narrative essay format to choose, it’s better to develop a chronological paper format. Despite that, there are also a lot of other different formats. However, this one will be the most convenient for you, especially if you are writing a narrative essay for the first time.

With a chronological type format, it will be easy for you to create a narrative essay outline. More importantly, it will be much easier to add new facts to your essay since all events in your paper will be written in chronological order.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that such formats as flashback and foreshadowing exist. And you’re also free to use this format for your narrative essay outline.

Topic For Your Narrative Essays

If you’re going to start looking for some narrative essay examples, you will be impressed by the amount of the most different topics that essay writers have used. You need to understand that since you will create a narrative essay, you should choose topics you’re interested in or in which you have personal experience. I

Choosing the narrative paper topic is crucial since the better you choose the topic, the easier the writing process will be for you. However, it is better to include both of these components. Thus, here are some narrative essay examples topics that you can use for your academic paper ideas.

  • The event that inspired you
  • A story about your first friendship
  • Your first day at the university
  • Your first job and the experience that you get from it
  • Your best holiday
  • The event that changed you
  • Your relationship with your parents
  • Your attitude towards money
  • How you choose your profession
  • Narrative essay about your idol

How To Create A Narrative Essay Outline?

If you want to create a good narrative essay format, you should draw special attention to creating your narrative essay outline. Some students may face difficulties with the creation of narrative essay format, especially with creating a structure for their papers.

However, we hasten to assure you that there is nothing difficult in creating an outline for an academic paper since the structure of these papers is similar to usual academic papers. Like any other paper, the academic paper will have an introduction, the main body where you will explain your thesis statement, and a conclusion where you will summarize your paper.

You also can divide your main body with a narrative paragraph. It will be easier for your readers to perceive information in this way. However, let’s take a closer look at every part of the academic paper outline.

Beginning Of Your Narrative Essay

In the introduction of your narrative essay, you need to mention the situation you will describe. You can make a quick overview of the situation or person that will be the main subject of your narrative.

The introduction of your paper may include only one narrative paragraph. We recommend you write a short introduction instead of a long introduction. The shorter and the more informative the introduction will be, the better. In this case, you will be able to intrigue your reader, and he will be interested in your paper from the beginning.

If you have trouble with making a good introduction, just read a narrative essay example of the related topic, and everything will fall into place.

Main Body In Narrative Essay

The main body of your paper is the part where you will be talking about the mentioned subject that you point out in your thesis statement. It can be some experience or another event that you will describe in your academic paper. However, please take note that it’s not always a positive experience; you also can describe some negative events that happened to you in your life.

The most important thing is that the described events should have affected you. It doesn’t matter in which form you will provide your experience to your readers. What is much more important is that you must share your experience with your readers, and even if one person does not make the same mistakes, you will succeed.

Conclusion About Writing A Narrative Essay

Writing an academic paper may sound challenging for the first time. Some people may not understand the difference between a narrative and a usual paper when the difference is significant. An academic paper is a perfect tool to share your thoughts or experience.

Of course, most students do not like writing, and the academic paper is also included in that list. However, this type of paper gets there completely undeservedly since it’s a very important part of the educational process and a perfect tool that helps students to know themselves better.

Be sure that once you find out how to write a narrative essay, check a high-quality narrative essay example, and then you will inevitably fall in love with the writing process. You will enjoy every time you write your academic paper, and more importantly, you will get the best marks for it.

What Does The Perfect Narrative Essay Example Look Like?

After reading our article, you may have a logical question: “What do the perfect narrative examples look like?” That’s why we specially provided you with this section. Here you can see a perfect example of what an academic paper looks like.

Of course, you do not need to copy and paste the examples that are provided to you. However, you can just read it and be inspired to write your masterpiece.

What Are The Essential Parts Of The Successful Narrative Essay?

So finally, you’re looking forward to starting the writing process of your academic paper. You have read our article and found out the main narrative essay’s main characteristics. At the current moment, you know the types of academic papers and the academic paper formats.

However, to make your paper writing process as smooth as possible, we’d like to share with you some additional advice that will also be helpful when you are writing your paper for the first time. If you’re ready to start your writing process from the best possible tips, below you will find a piece of advice that may be useful for you.

A Good Story

You will not receive an informative paper without a good story. That’s why you will need to strain your memory and remember some experience that was super-useful for you. Imagine yourself five or ten years ago to make this process easier for you. Imagine yourself as a child and think about what you wanted to know then.

Imagine how many people you will help if you truly want to share your experience. How many problems may be solved if you would tell people not to repeat your mistakes? Approach the process of writing this essay with all your heart, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Do Not Box Yourself In

Students when they write some papers for colleges or high school, students usually feel the pressure of the papers’ requirements. They feel like they can not give freedom to their imagination. That’s why they usually can not create something unique.

Students try to copy the sample that has been offered to them. However, in this case, the modern educational system unintentionally limits its students. Nevertheless, the academic paper will provide you with an opportunity to show your fantasy. In this case, there will be no strict requirements; imagine yourself in the role of a writer and give freedom to your imagination.


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