What Is an Essay – and How to Go About It

Each student comes to choose the style of writing an essay when they sit down to do their homework. In this article, we will analyze the main types of papers and describe in detail the features of each of them.

To get a good grade in college and write good papers, it is important to understand your chosen style and follow a certain writing structure. In addition, it is very important to select a topic essay responsibly because, in the future, you need to open up this topic and describe it as clearly as possible for the reader. Read on to learn more.

Let’s Understand What an Essay Is

An essay is a short text in which the author explains his point of view by formulating a thesis statement. Reports are often referred to by different synonyms, such as an article or story. To make a good essay, write your stories in the following format discussed below.

Where Did the Essay Come From

Many people have been doing essay writing for a very long time, but you can’t even imagine how historical its origins are. Back in 1571, the philosopher Montaigne revealed the essay to the people. He wrote small expository essays with philosophical meaning and revealed his thoughts to his readers. Essay, translated from French, means “attempt” and has a free expression of ideas.

After Montaigne, the first person to write essays in English was F. Bacon, who began to write his papers following the example of Montaigne. Although Bacon followed suit, he had completely different themes and thesis statements. Thus, over time, more and more people began to learn about papers and started to use works of this kind for a film essay, a research paper, and other purposes.

Definition of a Literary Essay

A literary essay is a kind of composition in which the writer forms the idea of the text and formulates the thesis statement. In an academic paper, the main task is to highlight important facts in the text for the thesis statement to be confirmed. In the essay writing process, there are no restrictions on the choice of topic. Therefore, you can completely surrender to the freedom of choice and write on any topic that interests you.

Definition of an Academic Essay

As a rule, academic essays have structure, including an introduction, several paragraphs, and conclusions. But the paragraphs of such an essay can have completely different meanings and topics. This style of writing does not apply to formal essays. Academic essays should be written clearly and understandably for readers and have facts that support this information. The main purpose of such formal essays is to help people understand the topic.

5 Paragraph Essay

It is important to understand where to start in the essay writing process. To begin with, you need to understand the essay’s structure, and this type of text is very well suited for beginner writers. Essay write should start by understanding the main 5 paragraphs:

  • In this paragraph, it is important to attract the reader’s attention, reveal the text’s main topic, and provide a thesis statement.
  • Main text. This paragraph should reveal the main theme and essence of the essay.
  • First paragraph. Outline the main ideas.
  • Second paragraph. Add supportive arguments for your ideas.
  • In the last paragraph of your essay, you need to summarize the entire piece. Remind the reader of the main topic and repeat the thesis statement.

Based on this, it is worth remembering that an article can be the basis for any essay and text. It is especially convenient to use a piece of five paragraphs when writing voluminous texts, where it is important to present the information correctly and structured.

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a type of text in which the student writes a research paper in which they must conduct research and clearly define the topic. Writing such an article usually takes a lot of time for students because it is important to explore various information sources or literary materials. An argumentative essay has its structure:

  • Definition of the thesis statement to be used in the first paragraph.
  • Logical transitions in the text from the main part to the conclusions.
  • Part of the main text fully reveals the topic of the essay.
  • Evidence of the information provided.

In an argumentative essay, it is important to carefully check the information you use in your text and back it up with facts and other points of view as appropriate for the thesis statement.

Compare and Contrast Essays

The compare and contrast essays are the best options when a student is given a write essays task where certain subjects need to be compared. When writing an article in this style, it is important to understand what kind of subject you will be comparing and how to structure the information. There are three main paragraphs of the essay:

  • As with all articles, it is important to start the text with an introduction, where you will provide readers with a thesis statement and the main points that you will analyze.
  • Main text. Here you describe in detail the similarities and differences of objects. This paragraph is the most voluminous in the essay.
  • You summarize the entire text and identify the essay’s main points in this section.

Definition Essay

Delving into the intricacies of the essay writing process, it is important to understand what type of essay you will be writing. A definition article is a kind of article that explains the meaning of a word, backing it up with examples and explanations by the writer.

Such an article should consist of no more than 500 words, which is enough. The word you describe can have more than one meaning, and you must choose how you would like to look at this term.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of article in which the student must describe some subject, object, situation, or more. In a piece of this style, the writer creates his written review of some experience.

The main goal of the descriptive article is that the author must describe in detail the image that the reader can easily imagine and feel in his head. We have prepared for you some useful tips with which you will be able to write a successful descriptive essay:

  • Write with emotion. The main task of the descriptive essay is that you must evoke strong emotions in the reader. Try to convey the object’s essence as much as possible by describing the thing in bright colors.
  • Use simple language and phrases. An essay of this kind should cause the reader to understand what you are telling fully.
  • Choose the right time to write descriptive essays. Sitting down to work at the right time and with the right thoughts is very important. You must be in the resource to convey to your readers the meaning of the article.
  • It is worth noting that your feelings play a big role in descriptive essays. Try to describe in as much detail as possible the emotions you experienced when you saw this object or object, how it looked, or describe its other characteristics.

Illustrative Essay

An illustrated essay is very much like a large, informative article that mainly explains to the reader how a particular thing works or exists. This writing style is similar to the expository essay, and the article should not be mega informative. Instead, it should show the idea backed up by facts and arguments.

Imagine that you are writing a film essay where you must describe what is happening, the characters, and the emotions so the audience can feel it. For example, in writing this style, it is best to use situations with real people or your personal experience so that the reader understands that this thing is directly related to your life. But, as with every essay style, it is important to follow certain instructions:

  • Topic selection. Decide on the topic you want to cover in your article or the object you will analyze.
  • It is very important to share with readers only relevant information on this object. Check several times the integrity of the information you write.
  • Highlight your essay’s main points and ideas and make a kind of article outline.
  • Work with text. Bring your project to life. Describe the object, create a thesis statement and summarize.
  • Check for uniqueness. Be sure to check your article for identity, the absence of plagiarism, and errors in the text.

Informational Essay

Most essays are informative because, in each piece, the author provides information to his reader. An informative article helps the reader understand a specific essay’s topic. For example, when writing an academic essay, it is important to be very specific and accurate in covering the issue and presenting the correct information. In an informative essay, you can analyze some data or compare objects. Before you start writing articles, pay attention to the basic rules:

  • Approve the thesis statement
  • Create a draft
  • Analyze the information
  • Write text
  • Check your essay for errors and plagiarism

Narrative Essay

To write a good essay, a student must understand each writing style. For example, if we talk about narrative essays, you tell a story here. In narrative essays, the author often tells his personal story or a story about his personal experience.

This writing style cannot be compared to the academic essay because you say your thoughts and emotions here and do not provide the reader with verified information from the library. Instead, the narrative essays will show your ability to think creatively and beautifully express thoughts about your experience.

Persuasive Essay

Writing essays is not the easiest task if you do not understand how to engage the reader in your text properly. A persuasive essay aims to draw the audience to your point of view with logical and emotional persuasion. This type of article can be written for personal and academic purposes. At the beginning of the article, a question is posed, which the writer answers in his text and gives arguments for or against. In general, essays of this type should be supported by verified information and not by examples from personal experience.

Essay in Art

Essay writing is quite a creative process and can convey emotions, information, and personal experiences. We are all very closely connected with art; it is everywhere and in everything we see daily. An art essay describes the scope and significance of art in our lives and helps many people understand what surrounds them.

Most essays are written in an informational way, but for example, artists and sculptors express their thoughts and inner state with the help of art, and in an article about this, many examples can be described that describe the importance of art in our lives.

Details on 10 Characteristics of a Good Essay

Writing essays is a rather responsible process. To create a good piece, it is important to understand all the features of writing them. Here are the top 10 article writing features that will help you make it successful:

  1. Simple language. This is the first and most important thing about writing a good essay correctly. You must understand that it does not matter what style your article will be written in, but you must register so that the reader understands and shares your point of view. In no case do not use any template phrases or abbreviations in your text. Remember that you are writing an informational article in which you must convey the essence to the audience.
  2. Paradoxical phrases. An article can be successful when it arouses strong emotions in the reader. When choosing an essay’s topic., you need to understand that in the text, you can use different phrases or examples and try to surprise your audience in any way so that after reading your essay, a person will have vivid emotions.
  3. Brevity. It would help if you wrote your article briefly and concisely so that the reader does not have the desire to close it and not remember it quickly. This is especially true for expository essays, which need to be written so that people clearly understand what you are writing and your opinion on the topic. It is best to use various arguments and specific examples.
  4. Your personal opinion. If you have a goal to convince your audience of something, you need to understand that your statement and the arguments that support it must match. Think carefully about the purpose and topic of your article before you start writing so that the reader does not have disagreements in the process of studying your article.
  5. Easy perception. Even if you are writing an academic essay, you do not have to present information in a strict format. Due to the easy presentation of information, you can contact the audience and keep their attention. It is very important not to go too far with the arguments and submit them so that the reader can confidently say that his opinion coincides with yours, not vice versa.
  6. Introduction. It is very important to correctly compose the “Introduction” section in your essay, especially if you are writing a narrative essay, because due to this paragraph, you will be able to catch the reader’s attention and arouse his interest in reading your article further, in anticipation of something interesting.
  7. Draft. When creating an expository essay, you must first prepare the material used in the text. Try to write an expository essay draft so you can later fill in the necessary sections using text.
  8. Thesis Statement. The thesis is the main part of your essay. It should be specific and concise and explain what you want to convey to the reader.
  9. Ideas. Before you start writing a formal essay, sit down and think about what you will be writing. Carefully study the information on the topic and come up with the ideas you will describe in the text.
  10. Conclusions. It is important not to lose the logical thread and connection with the reader at the end of your essay. Findings should be specific and rational, all information should correspond to the above, and in no case should the topic be changed in this section.


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